Watch: Unhinged Cop Turns To Camera And Smiles Before Choking And Beating Man

Watch: Unhinged Cop Turns to Camera and Smiles before Choking and Beating Man

Police brutality is no longer some sort of an underground myth for any of us.

Some police officers do not deserve the hate they receive, but they have their colleagues to thank for that. And this Virginia trooper should be on that list.

Watch the show, folks

Derrick Thompson was in his car. Trooper Charles Hewitt came to him and started choking him because he thought he smelled marijuana.

Let's say Thompson had marijuana with him. The law is rather clear: you bring him in, you do not harm the suspect in any way. It's not like he had a loaded gun.

Well, in this case, there was no marijuana, no drugs, nothing. Just pure brutality.

In a live stream, Hewitt turned to the camera and smiled before attacking Derrick Thompson. He said:

Watch the show, folks.

Thompson didn't have any weed in the car, but he knew that police officers often use it as an excuse to search vehicles. And often, they do it just to waste someone's time.

Derrick's "crime" was that he just didn't want his rights violated.

You are going to get your a-- whooped

The incident from April 2019 came to life now, after Thompson was convicted for obstruction of government. The video changed it all.

The clip begins with Thompson sitting in his car's driver's seat and Hewitt at the door following a stop for an expired inspection decal. Another trooper, who initiated the stop, said she smelled marijuana and wanted to search it, police said.

Then, Thompson tells Hewitt that his detention and a request for him to get out of the car were against the law.

Hewitt leans toward Thompson and yells:

Take a look at me. I am a f---ing specimen right here, buddy. You have gotten on my last nerve, all right?

Thompson then tells Hewitt he has his hands up.

Hewitt responds:

You are going to get your a-- whooped.

He repeats the f-word and continues:

I'm going to give you one more chance. You can bring that with you — I'll let you film the whole thing.

Hewitt then tells Thompson he is being placed under arrest, looks into the camera, and says the infamous:

Watch the show, folks.

He then puts his arm around Thompson's neck and gets him out of the car. There's no video for this part, but Joshua Erlich, an attorney for Thompson, said his client was taken to the ground.

It's shocking

Erlich said Thompson was placed under arrest for counts, including misdemeanor obstruction of justice without force. He pleaded guilty earlier this year.

Thompson, 28, of Woodbridge, said in an interview that he would like to see Hewitt fired and charged for the incident.

That was honestly the worst thing I've gone through in my life.

It's shocking. Reliving the moment through social media has been shaky.

Thompson concluded:

At the end of the day, people are losing their lives over things like this, and that could have been me.

Hewitt is now on paid administrative leave, but his behavior deserves a proper punishment. What was his motive? It's still unclear but has to be a combination of racism and total lack of control.