Watch This Wannabe Pro Wrestler Front Flip Off A Ladder Onto A Barbed Wire Trampoline

Watch This Wannabe Pro Wrestler Front Flip Off A Ladder Onto A Barbed Wire Trampoline

This is one of those stories that will make you cringe several times, though the video is only a bit over 30 seconds long.

Firstly because there are people who think jumping onto a barbed wire trampoline seems like a good idea. Secondly, the guy in this video is shirtless, which is even more irritating.

Then, there is his hair. Sure, he has long locks, and some of us are even envious. But, surely he must have had a scrunchy nearby. Or anything similar.

You can even hear our hero saying, "this is what happened last time!" So, yes, that hair part is rather annoying.

Naturally, people on social media are going wild for this guy, who is enjoying attention from his friends, as he is carefully climbing the ladder because he doesn't want to fall onto fresh grass. No, he would rather fall on a trampoline with barb wire and go viral.

Of course, our frustration doesn't end there. The fact is that we saw numerous social media trends that were quite disturbing and dangerous.

So, seeing adults acting recklessly is sending children and young adults all the wrong messages. We wouldn't be surprised if this act of jumping on a barbed wire became the next best thing on TikTok.

The video already has over 4,5 million views on Twitter alone. So, let's see what all the fuss about is:

Someone suggested that the video is from Florida, and we have to ask: why is it that all strange, cringe-worthy things have to be Florida-related?

Regardless, this is not the first video of its kind. However, this one caught the attention because there is an audience, and the man in question is shirtless, so he got extra points. And his hair... Well, you get it. We really think that letting his hair down was a bad idea. Or one of.

Superhuman? You betcha!