Watch Paige Spiranac Play Golf Shot In Daring Low-Cut Top And Jokes 'I Found A Shirt That Even Made Me Uncomfortable'

watch paige spiranac play golf shot in daring low-cut top and jokes ‘i found a shirt that even made me uncomfortable’

Paige Spiranac is more than just a very pretty face - she's actually terrific on the golf court.

Paige has become quite the 'Instagram golf star' and she is often sharing photos and videos showing off her skills.

When she's not doing that, the blonde beauty shares photos that are more relaxed and reveals some skin.

She's not afraid of letting the world appreciate her good looks, but she does have a limit regarding how much she is prepared to show.

Paige recently admitted that she wore a shirt that made her feel uncomfortable because of how revealing it was.

She took one swing in the green top and decided that she'd rather put her jacket back on.

The 27-year-old may enjoy wearing short dresses and other clothes that show off her cleavage and toned body, but she won't wear anything she's not completely comfortable in.

Golfing Pro

When you look at Paige's Instagram photos, you would think she's only posing with golfing gear.

She looks too attractive to be spending most of her time at golf clubs, but that's exactly what she loves doing.

Paige is also a podcast host and model, so she's always busy with something exciting.

She became an admired golf player in 2015 when playing school-level golf at the University of Arizona.

When she joined Instagram, she quickly gained a lot of followers. She impressively went from 10,000 to 100,000 followers in just two days.

No Stranger To Controversy

We know that Paige is someone who won't do things that make her uncomfortable, such as wearing clothes that reveal too much.

With that said, she has had her fair share of scandals involving clothes, or the lack thereof.

In 2016, a guy she dated decided to share an intimate photo that she had sent to him.

The man forwarded the photo to his friends after they broke up. It was seen by many strangers as a result.

Paige opened up on her podcast show, 'Playing A Round,' saying that it felt disgusting to know that so many strangers have seen her in such a vulnerable position.

The incident left her feeling very stressed and hurt by the betrayal of her former lover. She would wake up with the fear that gossip magazines would share the news and photo.

When she confronted her ex, he said she 'deserved it' and that she was 'the slut who sent it.'

Sadly, Paige's fears were realised and the photo showed up on the internet.

However, later in 2018, the golfer got her power back when she willingly posed for a nude photo. She felt empowered after the photo of her in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit spread.

Paige is obviously a woman who likes to show off her skin on her own terms. She won't let a silly top make that decision for her.