Was It An Actual Date Or Were You Just "Hanging Out"? Here's How To Tell

With the prevalence of texting, social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat, and dating apps like Tinder, it has become effortless to engage in casual conversations with almost anyone. Therefore, when your crush invites you to hang out, it can be challenging to determine if it is a date or just an attempt to alleviate boredom. The distinction between the two can be unclear, so to gain clarity, consider asking yourself the following questions:

1. Did he initiate the plan?

If a guy takes the lead in initiating contact and makes concrete plans to meet up with you, it's likely that he has ventured out of his comfort zone to spend time with you. Based on these indications, it seems probable that it's a date.

2. Have the two of you ever hung out alone before?

If you and your crush have a weekly routine of watching movies together, it may not be significant. However, if your usual hangouts involve groups of people, and this is the first time you're spending time alone, it's likely that he intended to have some one-on-one time with you. This suggests that he's interested in you, and it's probably a date.

3. Was he nervous?

Feeling nervous is a clear sign that your plans were more than just casual "hanging out." If your crush appeared jittery, stumbled over their words, or talked excessively, there's a high possibility that they were nervous.

4. Did he give you 100% of his attention?

If it was indeed a date, his primary objective would have been to learn more about you. If he remained engaged in your conversation without any distractions from his phone and laughed at your jokes, even the silly ones, it's evident that he's infatuated with you. All signs point to a date!

5. Did he pay?

If he covered the bill for both of you, no questions asked, then it's undoubtedly a date!

6. Was he being chivalrous?

In addition to paying for the date, a guy usually tries to impress the woman he's with by displaying chivalrous behavior. He may go the extra mile by being extremely courteous, opening doors, allowing you to go ahead of him, and offering his jacket or sweatshirt if you're feeling chilly. All of these gestures are an attempt to show you that he's a perfect gentleman.

7. Did you compliment you?

If he complimented you on your appearance, it's a clear indication that he wants to take your relationship to the next level beyond just being friends. This type of flattery is a sweet way of communicating his interest in you.

8. Did he hold your hand?

The answer is simple: it was a date! Additionally, if he was extra-touchy by placing his hand on the small of your back or putting his arm around you, it's a clear indication of his interest in you.

9. Did he go in for a kiss?

A kiss at the end of the night is a conclusive sign that it was a date. After all, friends usually don't kiss!

10. Did he try to hook up with you?

If your crush tried to push things further than just a kiss and dropped hints all night about hooking up, it's possible that your plans were less of a date and more of a booty call. If he genuinely likes you, he would prioritize getting to know you better instead of just trying to get physical (at least, for the time being).

11. Did he call or text you later that night?

If your crush sends you a goodnight text or makes a phone call after you part ways, it's a sign that he's still thinking about you and wants you to know it. This is a clear indication that it was a date.