Wanting To Live Slowly And Simply Is Okay 

Wanting To Live Slowly And Simply Is Okay 

These days I've been thinking a lot about how I want my life to be. And in all honesty, I can't seem to agree with myself.

This is a big problem for a lot of people I know. You see, we live in a world that promotes The Hustle. No, not the movie (although I hear it's great).

I'm thinking of a different hustle. You know the one where you work hard to play hard. This is the one that is spoon-fed to us every day as a way we should all live.

The Trouble With The Hustle

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with this mindset. It promotes success and working hard on your dreams. However, it's not without its faults.

A few days ago, I saw a quote on my Instagram feed. It said: "You become successful by planning for the future, not for your Saturday night."

At that point, I felt motivated, but also guilty. I was in the midst of planning a fun night in with my friends. Should I have been planning for my future instead? Should I have worked that Saturday evening instead of playing charades?

Those are just some of the questions that troubled my mind.

And while I do want to make my own dreams come true, I also want to have fun along the way. This is the main fault of the Hustle - it doesn't consider that most people are not robots. Most of us just want to enjoy life and the journey.

While we are deeply committed to our dreams, whatever they may be, we like spending time with friends. We love watching bad TV, eating junk food, spending hours without a purpose, just being alive.

That's what most humans enjoy. And the Hustle is making us feel guilty for it.

Slow Living

The movement of slow living became an act of rebellion against the Hustle. Or rather, the damage it creates.

In essence, slow living means enjoying every moment as it comes. It means having a lot of unstructured time and filling it with things you love. Or even nothing, if that's what you feel like.

It means spending time with people you love as well, to unplug from your devices or any "feed" that is bringing you misery.

Slow living movement destroys all guilt the hustle creates. And while you still have to work (you know, bills and stuff), work is not the center of your life.

What If I Want a Slow Life?

The fact that I'm not spending my every waking hour working is making me anxious. In fact, mental illness is on the rise, supported by this mindset.

We can't shake it that easily. We are taught from early childhood that the only way to succeed is to be rich and famous and that this is something to work on your entire life.

But here's another fact for you - success means different things for different people. While someone might feel right at home working all day long, someone else takes pleasure in having time off.

Not all of us want to be entrepreneurs with millions in the bank account (although those millions can stay). Not all of us want mansions or fame.

Some of us want a peaceful life, enough money to live comfortably and enjoy happy moments that have nothing to do with work.

Is It Okay If I Don't Hustle?

Give yourself permission to live as you want to live. What's more, turn off all of those annoying channels that keep stressing you out, telling you that your career is your purpose in life.

Let me tell you another secret - you don't need to have a purpose. You are not an object and you are only on this Earth once. Enjoy it in the best way you can. Enjoy it in your own way.