Want Your Friends To See How Much You Care? This Is How You Do It

Want Your Friends To See How Much You Care? This Is How You Do It

Do your friends feel that you care about them? Do you know that friendships, like romantic relationships, also require some effort on your part to keep going?

Some friends can feel neglected, and that can weaken the bond you share.

But guess what? It does not cost much to let a friend know that you still care about them. For instance, here are some simple tricks to do it.

1. Letting Them Vent

When someone is going through a hard time, what they want the most is someone understanding to hear them out. At these moments, it is not about offering an opinion but letting them express their minds and let off some steam. That will make them feel better and like they are safe telling you about their issues, which will make you a pretty good friend in their books.

2. Public Compliments

You don't have to go all out and heap praises on them for all to hear. However, a compliment here and there can really boost a friend's self-confidence. You can even tell a story that highlights your friend's best qualities.

3. Send Them A Card

I know this is pretty old school. But while social media is a great way to stay in touch, cards telling your friend how much you treasure the friendship can go a long way in assuring them that their affection is well appreciated. You can also send them a funny postcard.

4. Give Them A Book They'd Like With A Meaningful Message

If you know your friend already loves reading certain articles, why not take things a notch higher and send them a book you know they might like with a personalized message? By doing so, you might tick a title off their waiting list, which would make them remember you for a long time to come.

If you see something your friend might like, then send it their way. For instance, if your friend is interested in comedy movies, let them know a new film has hit the theaters. You can also send them photos or jokes you know they would love.

6. Remembering Small Details About Their Families

Obviously, a friend will at some point tell you about relatives such as brothers, spouse, or even kids. In the future, you can mention certain details about these family members to make them see that you care about them too. It shows appreciation and respect, and a deep concern that extends beyond them to everyone they love.

7. Protect Them

When someone says something bad about your friend or tries to give them a hard time, you can try to stand up for them. Let them know you are on their side. While it's easy to be quiet and comfort them afterward, sticking up for them when they are facing a difficult time from others can really prove you care about them.

8. Have Their Favorite Snack At Hand When They Visit

A small gesture, but it can really cement your friendship. When your friend visits, you can offer them their favorite snack as a token of your friendship and as a way to make them feel more welcome in your home.

9. Celebrate Their Achievements

One of the best ways to show you are a caring friend is to celebrate with your friend when they have achieved something great in life. It does not have to be something huge.

Even a birthday or a promotion is a good chance to show you are a caring friend. During such times, downplay your own achievements if you are also celebrating something and they will really appreciate the gesture.

A good friend is hard to find, and showing that you care about your friend is a good way to keep a friend or strengthen the bond you share. Now, you know how it's done.