Want To Be A Badass Woman? Here's What It Requires

Want To Be A Badass Woman? Here's What It Requires

What are successful women doing to stay on top of their game? And who is that badass woman every other lady is wishing she could be? It all boils down to certain habits.

The following habits are required in order to classify yourself as a "badass woman."

A badass woman works out and eats healthy

She sticks to a schedule with remarkable discipline. She combines this with healthy eating habits. You will not find this queen stuffing herself with junk food during lunch.

She doesn't procrastinate

A woman who knows that she has got real things to do during the day doesn't start by snoozing her alarm in the morning. She gets up on time, leaves everything in the house in order, and sets off to make an impact in the world.

She takes some time to be alone

Every woman knows she needs time alone, but responsible women know exactly what to do with her 'me time.' She uses it to unwind, heal a few bruises here and there and listens to what her inner woman needs in order to be better tomorrow.

She stands for a cause

A badass woman always believes in something. It could be a charity group or a personal relationship with God that stands out as a pillar in her life. She touches the hearts of many with the fact that she has something worth living for.

She accepts a good challenge

A badass woman will not say no to a worthy challenge. Time and time again, she challenges herself beyond the ordinary and is not afraid of failing. She accepts defeat only when it is healthy to do so.

She makes few but beneficial friends

A great woman has few friends who matter. Not a circle of friends who are out to siphon life and success out of her. She does not necessarily have to choose her friends because her daily lifestyle does it for her.

She creates new connections for a better life

The successful badass woman knows all the right people. Whenever she needs something, she knows who to call or where to go. She has built a strong network of mutually beneficial connections. It might not be that big, but it helps her sail through situations with ease and grace.

She is a role model to a generation of young girls

There is nothing as irresistible as the image of a successful woman. Every little girl in the neighborhood wishes she could grow up to become like her, and she does not disappoint these ambitious young souls because she knows they really depend on her.

She dresses for a purpose, and not just to impress

Yes! The badass woman knows that people in the corporate world address her the way she dresses. So she is modest and earns respect because of her superior sense of fashion. She is not out to impress the boys with extra makeup. She knows she doesn't have to parade her looks and curves to attract the 'right' man in her life.

She may be down for a while, but she won't break

It is perfectly normal to take a beating from life once in a while, but it is not okay to stay down after suffering blows. A strong woman knows this and she takes advantage of the adrenaline that kicks in after bad situations and gets back up. They view failures as lessons and move right on with life.

She doesn't sit around waiting for a man to take care of her

This is the last thing you expect from a woman who has her act together. She is far more independent than most, but she doesn't feel the need to brag about it. Self-reliance is her anthem. Call it selfishness, but who cares?

She speaks out for herself and others too

Her colleagues at work know better than to downplay her opinion during a big meeting. This woman may be the last to speak, but her words are seasoned with wisdom. She is a problem solver and does not hesitate to speak out on behalf of other women who might not have the courage she masters.

She sets boundaries and mans them

When it's business, she really means business. Women who live life are meant to be set professional and personal boundaries and maintain them. If she has a family, she does not let the day's stress get into her home affairs.

She has a heart

Apparently, not everyone has a heart. This woman, on the other hand, has a big one. She loves, cries, she hurts, but she doesn't let it go beyond that.

She does not seek validation

Badass women do not need the validation of others to feel right or loved or wanted. They believe in themselves and keep the ball of success rolling.