Want To Age More Slowly? Then Get More Kids, Says Research

Want To Age More Slowly? Then Get More Kids, Says Research

This is to all the women out there. Don't even bother denying it, I know you regularly wonder where the answer to ageless beauty lies. We all do.

When all else fails, we turn to science. And more often than not, it comes through for us. We might not always like what it says, but we finally get to discover the truth and set upon the right path.

So, science has finally come up with an answer as to what it takes to age without showing it. But I have serious doubts you will like science's answer to ageless beauty.

Drumrolls pleaseā€¦

Get more kids.

I know. It sounds ironic because having kids is the one thing women believe to have the greatest impact on their looks, and not in a desirable way.

Turns out the trick is to keep them coming.

This might not be the answer you had in mind, but science is science, and there is nothing you can do about the facts of nature.

The finding might be a tough pill to swallow, but you wanted a solution to looking young forever. Well, there you go.

So, The More Kids You Have, The Slower You Will Age

Not buying it? No problem.

Let's dig deeper into what this study actually unearthed.

For starters, the study was published in Science Daily after being conducted at Simon Fraser University.

The reason behind this puzzling discovery is simple. Women with more children have longer telomeres.

Telomeres? What The Hell Are These?

You are familiar with shoelaces, right? You see those plastic things at the end., the ones that protect the laces from fraying? Telomeres are the DNA equivalent of these protective pieces of plastic on shoelaces.

When the telomeres are longer, cells replicate faster, and that translates into a slower aging process and naturally, improved longevity.

So, you might not look younger after popping a couple of kids, but biologically, you have done plenty to improve your longevity and slow the aging process.

We often associate more children with increased stress, fewer finances, less sleep, and generally a reduction of all the good things a cushy life could give you.

But Look On The Bright Side, This Is A Pretty Interesting Study

If you were on the fence about having more kids, or any kids for that matter with the notion that your appearance will suffer, now you know better.

I don't know. Maybe having kids gives you a stronger will to live. And don't forget that you also get someone to care for you in your old age.