Otago resident Lucy Jaine, 29, claims she's received death threats after sharing photos on social media of her children alongside dead animals.

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She defended herself, saying it's a great source of organic meat, the kids love the adventure, and it's better they're outside than glued to screens. Jaine said she began hunting when she met her partner Sharn. "We love hunting and the outdoors. Pig hunting mainly, but we do it all and bring the kids along for the ride".

She has received death threats from random strangers online. Jaine wishes more people were connected to nature and where their food comes from as her children are. She says those who criticize her don't understand the importance of respecting and honoring the animal they eat.

what if theaters started putting fries instead of popcorn?

Her children have hunted all their lives and Janie wouldn't have it any other way.

"They gain an understanding that the animal has had a good life, and we honor the animal by utilizing it to feed us," she told the New Zealand Herald.

"We explain the process, and they ask questions. It's better for Mother Nature, and it's better for our tummies," she adds.

"Buying meat pumped full of hormones is a horrible idea, and you just know the animal has suffered."

Jaine says her children adore being outside and the incredible adventures it brings. Seven-year-old Indie, 4-year-old Kahu, and little 5-month-old Daisy all have a blast in the outdoors.

what if theaters started putting fries instead of popcorn?

"It's exciting, and being out in the bush is a lot better for their growing brains than anything. We make fairy gardens, we play hide and seek, we tell stories, we have races, we make things out of sticks and leaves. It's not just about catching wild game. Additionally, it's also about expanding their minds," she explains.

It's not just about time in the outdoors, though (however great a bonus that is). Jaine is passionately against factory farming and says that it is far worse for animals than hunting them in their natural habitat.

"Factory farms are large-scale operations that house thousands of animals raised just for eating. They are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics to prevent disease and maximize their growth and food output. Then you eat them," she says.

Confining so many animals in one place produces much more waste than you can imagine. This is a huge environmental issue for our water, land, and air. The food animals eat needs earth to grow on. This takes up massive amounts of land, which is killing our planet.

what if theaters started putting fries instead of popcorn?

Jaine says she believes it is "far more sustainable for our family to catch our own meat, rather than support factory farming."

Apparently, not everyone sees it that way. Many have taken time out of their day to spew hate at Jaine and her family, including death threats and messages hoping for her life to be cut short.

"You stupid b***h, killing innocent animals, stop doing that s**t b***h," another message read.

"We are disgusted by people like you, the world. We hope they cut your head off or hunt you to kill you, but first, make you suffer as much as they can," another person told the mum via Instagram message. It seems the keyboard warriors skipped breakfast that day.

Despite the hatred, Jaine says she bears no ill feelings towards the ones sending her nasty messages. "I don't really wish for people to understand. Their ignorance is not my burden to bear," she says. "It's not wise to make a judgment on something you are not educated about. But everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and I'm strong enough not to let it affect me.