Walmart Gets Rid Of Cashiers And Switches To Self-Checkout Only

The Walmart store in Fayetteville, Arkansas has decided to phase out their cashiers and make customers use self-checkout lanes only. This move by the store suggests that people will have to scan, bag, and pay for their items independently from now on. It is speculated that this decision is a test for the company, and if successful, it could be implemented in other stores, as reported by WFMY.

1. Walmart Is Still Employing Staff To Help Any Customers That Need It

At the store, self-checkout hosts will be present near the registers to provide assistance to those who need it, as well as possibly deter theft.

2. You Can Actually Get Them To Check Your Stuff Out For You

Apparently, the self-checkout hosts can carry out the same duties as a cashier, such as scanning and bagging groceries. This begs the question: why were the cashiers removed in the first place?

3. It Seems Machines Really Are Replacing Humans

Most of us embrace the convenience that technology brings, but certain experiences should not be automated. The store should offer both self-checkout options and human interaction.

4. How Long Will It Be Before The Cashiers Are Hired Back?

There might be a chance that customers will not be pleased with this change, and it is possible that the staff will be brought back soon.