Walmart Cashier Refuses To Wire This Man's Money To His Grandson

walmart cashier refuses to wire this man’s money to his grandson

A grandpa hands $2,300 in cash to a Walmart cashier, but she refuses to wire it to his 'grandson'―and the man is grateful she did.

The digital age has brought with it lots of great things. Well, not all, because some aren't so good.

For one, it has increased cases of scams out there. With it being so easy to connect and talk to strangers, whether over the phone or online, we're more susceptible to scammers than ever.

And these days, lots of scammers are targeting elderly people. This is not only because they're more trusting and less savvy but also because they sometimes can't notice suspicious things the younger generation can spot miles away.

Just recently, one grandpa from Cincinnati, Ohio, nearly became another victim of a scam.

walmart cashier refuses to wire this man's money to his grandson

While at home, Cecil Rodgers received a phone call from a man pretending to be his grandson.

The 'grandson' told him that he has been involved in a terrible car crash and needed some financial help.

The man claimed he was driving while drunk when he hit a woman's car, who was seven months pregnant. He added that he was in jail and the police had charged him with DUI.

The 'grandson' then passed the phone off to another man he claimed was his 'attorney.'

The second man claimed he was trying to get his 'grandson' out of jail and needed his bail money right away.

So, he told Cecil to bring $2,300 to Walmart, where he could transfer the money to another Walmart close to where his 'grandson' was being held.

In a panic, Cecil hurried to the bank and then to his local Walmart to send the money without delay.

Since he was so worried about his grandson, he didn't even doubt the phone call.

Once in Walmart, Cecil told cashier Audrella Taylor the story about his grandson, and she instantly got suspicious.

walmart cashier refuses to wire this man's money to his grandson

Having worked at Walmart for more than five years, she knows a scam when she sees one. And she knew Cecil was about to make the mistake of his life.

She even became more suspicious of the callers when Cecil told her that the 'attorney' had advised him not to tell anyone about the call.

So, Taylor took action as she didn't want to see an elderly man fall victim to fraud.

She explained:

"He said something about somebody locked up in jail. He received a call, and he needed to send $2,300."

"I said, 'I am going to refuse the sender. I'm not going to let you send that money. I think [it's a scam]'"

Taylor then urged Cecil to call his children and grandchildren to confirm if there was actually an accident.

walmart cashier refuses to wire this man's money to his grandson

As it turns out, there was no accident, and all his kids and grandkids were safe. Cecil and his family were grateful to Taylor for her intervention.