Walking Away From A Toxic, Abusive Relationship Is A Victory

Walking Away From A Toxic, Abusive Relationship Is A Victory

Nobody deserves to be in a toxic relationship. It can leave you scarred for a long time. Toxic people are master manipulators who find satisfaction in making others miserable. It is not specifically restricted to a romantic partner. A friend or family member can be equally toxic. Trust me; if you have detached yourself from a noxious individual, narcissist, or an abuser, you, my friend, are victorious.

Toxic Relationships Leave You Questioning Your Sanity

They play with your psychology. They know your triggers and use them whenever they want to assert dominance.

You shared your insecurities with them in confidence, thinking that they are your well-wishers. As time goes by, they'll use them against you to make your life miserable.

Often, you will find yourself giving justifications for your actions. What is a love affair for you is a game for them. They will do whatever it takes to stay on top.

People Are Ready To Abuse You In The Name Of Love

They will question your love for them to make you feel bad. Abusers are aware that you are full of love. Instead of respecting this and reciprocating the affection, they misuse it to their advantage. They'll try to play the victim.

A friend or a family member or even a romantic partner knows that you have a soft heart. They never respect your boundaries. If someone makes you miserable, leave!

Leave without second thoughts. When you go, they will try to put you through guilt. They will conjure up a scenario where your departure will be detrimental to their lives.

Be a winner; just leave the toxic environment. You deserve a fulfilled life.

The Only Way To Win Is To Choose Yourself

Abusive people seriously damage your mental health. You'll often find yourself in a dilemma for trying harder or to leave.

When you find yourself stuck in a one-sided relationship where you are the only one putting in the efforts, walk away. Many lives are wasted because people wait for others to change. They think that if they stay around long enough, the other person will value them.

Don't get stuck in this dilemma. They will never realize your worth. Do yourself a favor and walk away. You will thank yourself for this decision. Choose yourself!

If You Walked Away, You Won

It is a sad sight to see someone stuck with a toxic person. If you are one, then trust me, get out of that relationship. Life is not meant to be lived as a mess.

If you managed to get out of a toxic relationship, I want to let you know that I am proud of you. You made the best decision. I hope and pray that you find someone who loves you as deeply as you do.

It can feel a little depressive after you leave since your mind becomes habitual of a routine. Don't let this guilt you into going back to the toxic environment. You can't heal in a place that poisoned you. Find pleasure in the fact that you won back your peace. Remember, your mental health should always be a priority. And if you chose that over a dead-end relationship, my friend, you won!