Waitress Roasts Kylie Jenner For Tipping $20 On $500 Bill In Brutal TikTok

Waitress Roasts Kylie Jenner For Tipping $20 On $500 Bill In Brutal Tiktok

Why was "Kylie Jenner" accused in the viral TikTok video? What exactly did she do? Tipping a waitress?

Recently, a viral TikTok video grabbed a lot of attention on social media. The video is hovering around the famous billionaire "Kylie Jenner." She's a model, a businesswoman, and the owner and founder of the big cosmetic company "Kylie Cosmetics."


Kylie has always been in trending news as she has starred in the television series "Keeping Up With The Kardashians".

As a skilled and multi-talented woman, Kylie is loved all around the globe and is praised by her fans, but what if she was accused of being, umm... Cheap?

The former waitress "Julia Carolan" filmed herself in a TikTok video in which she rated her restaurant experiences with celebrities she has encountered during her job at a couple of "fancy Manhattan restaurants."


Julia Carolan used the social media platform to share her experience with a little bit of gossip about a number of celebrities. She started her video with the actors she gave ratings of 10/10 and then continued with the lower ratings.

The list of celebrities includes the Hadid sisters with a score of 10/10, Cameron Dallas, who's got a score of 4/10, Hailey Bieber, who received 3.5/10. And finally, Kylie Jenner.


After rating her experience with celebrities, she gave the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star Kylie Jenner 2/10 for lacking generosity.

In her brutal TikTok video, the former waitress roasted Kylie Jenner for tipping $20 on a $500 bill. Julia Carolan explained that the entrepreneur was 'fine' but said she once tipped '$20 on a $500 dinner bill', then added: 'Do with that information what you will.'


Julia also pointed out the ratings were just her personal experiences and told her viewers to take her comments 'with a grain of salt.'

According to "Forbes," in 2019, Kylie Jenner's net worth was estimated at US$1 billion, which means she was the world's youngest billionaire at the age of 21.

As we all know in restaurants, waiters rely a lot on the tip they get from customers to earn their living, and being a billionaire, tipping $20 on the food bill of $500 is definitely a thing.


It's commonly expected in restaurants to give a tip of 15% – 20% for a meal. So, on a bill of $500, the tip should be around $70-$110. And Kylie just tipped $20. That's almost 4%.

However, we don't know if Kylie had a good reason for just tipping $20, the food could have been cold, the dessert might have come late, and her soup may have been garnished with a hair.

Though after all this chaos, still, we didn't get any response from Kylie Jenner. She hasn't responded or reacted to this topic. But it's still possible that Kylie will come out to defend herself.


Obviously, the "fancy Manhattan restaurants" attract many A-listers, and it's highly unlikely that the staff would let any of the customers have a bad experience. Especially if the customer was once named the youngest self-made billionaire for two years in a row, and the $20 tip just seems inappropriate.

But who knows, as she recently lost her billionaire status, Kylie may have been saving a bit these days.


While you're waiting for any response from Kylie, have a look at Julia Carolan's video …