Wait For The Guy Who Doesn't Make You Wait Anymore

Wait For The Guy Who Doesn’t Make You Wait Anymore

Waiting around for a guy to finally see that you love him and want to make him happy is a painful experience. But waiting for a guy who won't return your feelings is even worse.

There are several things that will show you that you've found the right guy, the one who won't make you wait for him.


Let's take a look at what such a guy does, and what he doesn't do.

He Doesn't Hide Your Relationship

Whether you and this guy are only starting to hang out or are officially dating, this guy will tell his friends that he'll be spending time with you. He wants them to know he's not going to be available for them while he's with you.


He Is Okay With Sharing Photos on Social Media

When a guy refuses to pose with you for a photo that you plan to share online, think about why. Is he scared of another woman seeing you together? Or is he just very shy? Don't jump to conclusions but don't let this just slide either.

He Makes Plans

Wait for the kind of guy who will call you out of the blue to make plans. Don't wait for the guy who is texting back and forth with you without making any clear plans. His intentions aren't solid.


He Makes an Effort

This guy will show up at your door with something small or random that made him think of you. It means you're always on his mind.

Chivalry isn't Dead

Wait for the kind of guy who will let you order first and opens the door for you. Sure, we're in modern times but those kind of manners will never go out of style.


He Puts You First

When a guy is willing to put you first no matter what, he's a keeper. If he offers you the last slice of pizza even if he wanted it, he's the kind of guy you want to wait for.

He Shows Off With You

Guys like showing off with their most prized possessions and if he's showing off with you, you know you're very important. He isn't embarrassed by you and doesn't care who thinks your quirks are weird, he likes them.


He Learns All About You

Wait for the guy who is willing to learn all your beloved things so he can enjoy them with you. He'll buy tickets for your favorite band, even if he doesn't like them. You want this kind of guy in your life.

He Accepts You

Wait for the guy who accepts you for who you are. He proves to you that you mean the world to him. Don't wait for the guy who keeps you on a lurch, not ready to commit to you but hopes you'll stick around.


He is Considerate

If you've had a bad day, this guy will make you a cup of tea or coffee and actually listen because he really cares. He is always considerate of your feelings and tries not to hurt your feelings if you disagree.

Wait for the guy who doesn't only buy flowers on special occasions, the guy who shows up to events that matter to you, and who won't make you wait for him.


Wait for this guy because he will inspire you to become an even better person and he'll give you hope for a wonderful future.