Wait For A Man Who Is Ready To Settle Down With You

Wait For A Man Who Is Ready To Settle Down With You

If you are ready to settle down, find a man who is ready to settle down too.

All of us women once dreamt of our futures when we were little girls. About the perfect man, marriage, and future families. We envisioned being treated like princesses and having perfect lives. Now that we are adults we've realized there is no such thing as perfect and we have to fight to achieve everything, but we still dream of that prince charming. A man who will just sweep us off our feet and into bliss.

When we are finally at the point in life where we are ready to find the perfect man to settle with, we have to be sure that the man we chose to build a life with is prepared to settle as well.

Sometimes we end up falling for men who aren't really in it for the long haul. They want something temporary and easy because their minds have not matured and they are scared of commitment. We end up broken-hearted and left to pick up the broken pieces that that jerk left us with.


If you are truly ready to settle down and find someone to spend the rest of your life with, there are a few qualities you should look for in the man you choose. If your man shows all of these qualities, then he is ready to settle down for life.

He has or is working toward a career

A man with something going for himself means he is a stable-minded person who can stick with one thing. When a man has a career that means he is trying to build something out of life and is working hard to make his future family stable.

He doesn't party


When a man gets past his partying stage, he is usually ready to settle down. When the booze and different women no longer excite him, he will be looking for the perfect woman to make his wife.

He lives alone

If you meet a guy, and he lives alone, he is most likely ready to settle down! A man who has his own place works hard to keep his home and this, like having a career, shows stability. A man who spends his time alone when he is home understands loneliness and would like to fill that loneliness with someone special.


He's attentive

If you go on a date with a guy, and he is attentive to you, he may be looking for something serious. If he asks you how you've been and listens to you rant about traffic, and work without trying to get into your pants at the end of the night, he is the type of guy you want to settle down with.

He's respectful

Chivalry is NOT dead! If a man is respectful and a pure gentleman to you at all times, he may be ready to settle. You need a man who can respect you and show you how you are supposed to be treated.


He doesn't hide his family

Not every man is going to bring a girl home to meet his mother. Only a man who is looking at his relationship like it can potentially be something serious will bring his girl home to meet and conversate with his family. After all, family approval is a big weigh-in for who you spend the rest of your life with. If you meet your man's family, he is thinking of a future with you.

He discusses the future

Men who talk about a future are often serious about one. If a man is consistent with you and talks about a future, he might actually want one! While some men talk about things just to win you over for a fling, a man who is ready to settle will be steady with you and his plans for the future. He will not only talk about a future, but you will also see in his actions that he is willing to work for it.

Be sure when you are looking to settle down with someone that you are ready for it yourself. You have to be willing to give all that you expect to receive in a relationship and no less. There is nothing worse than heartache, so make sure you and your potential partner both want the same things out of life so that no one gets hurt. We all deserve to be happy in life. One of the biggest parts of that is finding someone with who we can be happy. We wish you the best in finding the perfect man that is ready to settle down with you and hope these tips help.