Vogue Model Admitted To Killing Husband When He Brought Another Woman Home

Vogue Model Admits To Killing Husband When He Brought Another Woman Home

A Russian Vogue model, Lilia Sudakova, is facing murder charges for killing her husband in their flat in St. Petersburg. She committed the crime after he came home with another woman.

Sudakova was on the cover of Russian Vogue. She also appeared in magazines in Italy, China and Japan.

More than a year ago, the woman stabbed her husband, Sergey Popov, and she claims she did so in self-defense. The prosecutors, however, believe that the 27-year-old model committed the crime with the intention to kill her husband.

Apparently, he was "dead drunk when he came home."

Vogue Model Admits To Killing Husband When He Brought Another Woman Home

According to Sudakova, her husband tried to prove a point to her by coming home with another woman. Apparently, the previous night, "she did not do what he wanted."

Consequently, he decided to prove to her that he could find another woman to give him sex, which is why he brought the strange woman home.

Apparently, the model asked the woman if she wanted something to eat. The gesture was not extended to her husband Popov, whom she told he could make his own food.

That comment apparently made him angry, and he turned aggressive, attacking Sudakova. Their friend, who was also staying at their flat with them, pulled him away.

At the time Popov attacked, the woman was chopping a tomato with a kitchen knife. She tried to push him away from her but ended up stabbing him in the chest.

After that, she saw the blood and realized the knife was still in her hand. At this point, the model feared that her husband would take the knife from her and kill her with it.

Vogue Model Admits To Killing Husband When He Brought Another Woman Home

The model claimed that she tried to bring Popov to his senses and even called an ambulance. He also said that the wound was 'not painful' although he later succumbed to his injury at the hospital.

In the initial story, she told the authorities that she had stabbed her husband out of jealousy after coming home with another woman. She was charged with causing grievous bodily harm at the time, but the charges were later changed to murder.

According to the prosecutors, Sudakova had stabbed her husband at least once in the chest 'deliberately and purposefully.'

She apparently reacted violently after Popov put his hand on her shoulder while trying to calm her down and end the conflict.

Vogue Model Admits To Killing Husband When He Brought Another Woman Home

Despite the charges facing her, Sudakova insists she is a victim of domestic abuse, which is an argument her mother supports. According to a witness, Popov grabbed her hair and also kicked her.

The model's mother explained that she was waving him away when she stuck a knife in him by accident. For that reason, her mother insists the model is a victim because she was trying to defend herself when she stabbed her abusive husband by accident.

Another friend of Sudakova, Karolina Pavlovskaya, said that the model was a victim of abuse who was broken and empty on the inside despite having a beautiful appearance.

The model's trial will start this month at Dzerzhinsky district court in St Petersburg. In case she is found guilty of the charges against her, she might spend 15 years in prison.