Vital Grounding Techniques For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People

Vital Grounding Techniques For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People

Empaths can "listen in" on the feelings and emotions of those around them. They're able to show concern, and can even help grieving people heal, but this ability to "tune in" on those feelings can cause empaths trouble. It often leaves them feeling drained, both physically and mentally. Empaths need to know how to protect themselves from exhausting themselves with their concerns for other people. Here are ways to achieve that.


Cutting Toxic Connections

A connection cord is created every time you become friends with someone. While not all connections are negative, some can leave you feeling mentally and physically weak. The other person could be feeding you negativity while thriving off your positivity. Have the courage to cut off such cords so you can regain your positive energy.



It helps to release negative thoughts for a refreshed and recharged mind. You're left with positive energy, and can easily let go of negativities. You are then able to utilize your rare gift in a less toxic way. You can meditate once or have several short sessions in a day. Your preference is what matters here.

Creating Boundaries

It's alright to help others, but not when you end up bringing harm to yourself. Empaths find it hard to say no and often give in to unhealthy demands. Free yourself by learning to create a boundary between yourself and the people who don't deserve your help. It makes you more useful to those who need you the most.


Taking Care Of Your Physical Self

Physical activity and healthy eating are essential for your physical and mental well-being. You cannot use your gift effectively when you're in bad shape or even fighting for your health. Focus on being physically fit and healthy first, and your mental and spiritual matters will remain positive.


Visualization can ground you in many ways. There's the technique commonly known as the " White Bubble." It involves visualizing a white bubble all around you while you take deep breaths to a count of 5. Doing this a couple of times each day helps you release toxic energies and thoughts.


Finding Time For Yourself

Find time to be alone somewhere relaxing. You could spend it curled up on a couch, enjoying the atmosphere outdoors, or even taking a nap. It helps you to realign your thoughts and get a recharge of your energies. As a result, you're able to take on the world from a better position than before, fresh and with positive energy.

By Smudging

There are various plants you can use for this, a popular one being sage. Smudging helps you do away with the negativities in your life. It cleanses you physically, mentally, and spiritually to emerge full of energy and ready to help the people around you.


Closing Access To Your Chakras

These are the energy pathways through which energies, both positive and negative, enter and leave your body. Opening the Chakras only when you need them helps protect you from negative energies. It means you're only taking in what's necessary and good for your soul.

Finding The Right Practitioner

Energy practitioners can guide you to develop your skills to help others. They have the right training and understand you better than other people around you who don't value your gift. They have experience working with empaths like you and are the right people to assist you to discover your talent.