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Virgin, 35, Says Men Ghost Her When She Tells Them She Hasn't Had Sex

A 35-year-old virgin laments that it has been a struggle finding "the one."

Guys ghost her whenever she mentions that she is a virgin waiting to have sex after she is married.

Sonali Chandra thinks that sex is "sacred and special."

For this reason, the Indian-American model, dancer, and comedian decided to wait until she has a ring on her finger before getting intimate with anyone.

The woman is from New Jersey, and her incredible abstinence has negatively affected her dating life.

According to her, many potential boyfriends leave her as soon as they learn she is a virgin.

In a recent interview, she claimed that every guy she dated became a "jerk" once she told him that she had never been sexually involved with anyone.

Chandra has dated nine guys. She has also been in three serious relationships.

However, all nine guys changed their attitude toward her as soon as they learned she was a virgin.

She admits that she is not even comfortable with the word "sex." She prefers the term "making love."

Chandra is ready to have sex once she is married.

She grew up in a strict family. Her parents, both Indian, did not let her have any sleepovers.

Dating was also out of the question when she was growing up. She did not even go to prom, and when she got into college, she was not allowed to live in a dorm.

She realizes that her strict parents had a "profound impact" on her dating life. Her socialization was limited by their strictness.

"Dating is a life skill, and I was forbidden from developing that skill in my teenage and college years."

Sonali did not have any love life until she was in her 20s. She got her first kiss at the age of 26.

Even though she is currently 35, she has no idea how dating works.

She also struggles with intimacy. Sonali has trouble letting people know her as she is afraid of crossing paths with predators.

She believes that these insecurities are the direct result of having overprotective parents.

Sonali often feels lonely but deals with the emotional pain by keeping herself busy.

On weeknights, she works out to avoid feeling lonely. During the weekends, she spends time in her studio apartment, which is "very depressing."

She also goes to bed by 8 pm to numb her emotional pain.

Desperate to find someone she could spend her life with, Sonali went on Five Guys A Week, a dating show.

Unfortunately, she had no strong connection with any of the guys she met.

The show is about connecting "one adventurous single woman" to spend a week with"five eligible bachelors" in an attempt to find "The One."

The men are put in cramped quarters where they have to share a bathroom and share the housework among themselves.

Consequently, they have to be on their best behavior for a chance to win the heart of the woman they are trying to woo.

Although Sonali did not find a partner through the show, she said the experience was fun, surreal, and relaxing.

She explored a unique way to find love since conventional dating methods were not working out as expected once people learned she was a virgin.

Being on the show was an exceptional experience since she had never tried anything of the sort before. She enjoyed the experience.

In 2020, Sonali was on Dr. Phil, talking about her dating struggles. She revealed that her parents were trying to get her to go with an arranged marriage once she was done with college.

However, she found the idea shocking and disgusting. She felt it would be better for her to remain single and a virgin all her life instead of marrying the wrong person.

While on Dr. Phil, she explained that she had no idea why men kept ghosting her. She claimed she found it confusing and perplexing since she has many great qualities.

She fails to understand why a guy would flee on hearing that they would he would be her first and probably only.

Although she has had more than her fair share of bad luck, Sonali is not about to give up on love. She feels that one day, she will find her soulmate.

In particular, she would like to meet a chivalrous man who is handsome, ambitious, ethical, moral, health-oriented, and willing to treat her like a queen.

While speaking to the media, she claimed that she would like what Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have.

She recently connected with someone who showed her his support after she appeared on Dr. Phil.

However, they live in different cities, and she is not so confident that the romance will go the distance.

While speaking about the guy, she mentioned that he was handsome, ambitious, and a little older. She found it surprising that he was still single.

Since he is calm and she is vivacious, she also feels that they have a perfect balance. She feels comfortable around him.

The two got close through texts and video chats. Eventually, they met in person.

During the meeting, he was a bit flirtatious but respectful of her boundaries because she is still a virgin. At one point, he even tried to kiss her.

After their first meeting, Sonali could not get him off her mind. However, she has no idea what he thinks of her or when they will meet again, which is hard for her.

She believes that friendship is the foundation of a good relationship. Sonali also thinks that only time will tell what becomes of their relationships.

Luckily, she is confident that her parents will love him.