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Viral Video Of Norwegian Babies Left Alone In Freezing Weather To Sleep Shocks Foreigners

TikTok users from around the globe have been appalled by a viral video showing babies in Norway left alone outdoors in freezing temperatures, with many expressing disbelief at the seemingly reckless notion.

A TikTok user from Australia named Olly Bowman (@mrmelk_) posted the video, which featured footage of the prams outside.

"Another day in Norway, another group of babies left out alone in the cold," he said.

"Look how many there are."

Bowman added: "It helps with their breathing and makes them more independent.

"It's actually why so many people leave home earlier in Norway than other countries."

As expected, a considerable number of social media users were left puzzled by the idea, with one of them commenting: "Are babies not kidnapped in Norway? My anxiety would never."

Someone else said: "No. Freaking. Way."

A third wrote: "I'm sorry WHAT."

Another added: "To live in a society where it was safe enough to leave the babies like this would be crazy."

According to a study conducted in Finland in 2008 and published in the International Journal of Circumpolar Health, children tended to take longer naps when outside as opposed to when they were indoors.

The authors of the study emphasized the need for children to be properly clothed as there is a risk of hypothermia in extremely cold temperatures. They also stated that despite the benefits of outdoor napping, precautions should be taken to avoid any potential harm.

Following the video's viral spread, Bowman took to the streets of Oslo to inquire with local parents about why the practice appeared to be so widespread.

According to one individual, the occurrence is certain, but it varies depending on your location. They also stated: "In Oslo, yeah."

Someone else mentioned that although they knew individuals who engaged in the activity, they personally opted not to partake, although their reasoning may not be what you expect.

"I know a lot of prams have been stolen as well - but people don't steal the prams when there are babies inside of them," they replied.

A third said: "I could leave her outside for a second or two at a café if I'm going inside for a coffee, but I always want to supervise her. I want to see her and make sure she's not crying."

They went on to mention that their offspring was an infant, hence they might contemplate "leaving her for a little longer" once she's a bit more mature.

Someone else stated that they knew numerous friends who leave their infants outside while going into a café and mentioned that this practice was extremely prevalent.

"There's a saying, 'There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes', so they just wrap the baby," they said.

After viewing the second video, numerous individuals also expressed that this custom was completely ordinary in several Scandinavian nations. One person wrote: "I live in Norway and have a Norwegian fiancé... it's totally normal where we are."

Someone else said: "From Denmark, Copenhagen here, and to be honest I see a baby sleeping outside everyday and have NEVER heard of a child being kidnapped."