Viral Video Captures Vicious Mob Brutally Beating Couple At The Airport While Security Stands By Filming

Viral video captures vicious mob brutally beating couple at the airport while security stands by filming

A group of black women attacked a young white couple. While they were throwing punches, the security showed no interest.

In fact, the security guards at this airport filmed the whole thing but failed to do their job.

Security is filming

The couple clearly had issues with one of the women. But, what happens in just a moment is clearly a case for the police.


And since they're airport security, their job was to react.


Twitter users got seriously mad over it, some calling it a racist attack.

We're not sure about the motives, or where this footage came from, but no one should deal with this kind of beating.

The ending scene is almost too brutal. The man lies on top of his partner while the black women are throwing punches, without any sense of decency.


British political activist and author Mark Collett who shared the video wrote:

A white couple is brutally set upon in an airport & the white man desperately tries to protect his girlfriend as what appears to be airport security simply stand & watch. I doubt this will be covered by the media, but you can bet that it would have if the races were reversed!

Is he right? Are we becoming that blind to injustice?


Hate brings more hate

When it comes to crime and assaults, perhaps being color blind is the only way to go.

The group of black women in the video is clearly out of control, yet no one seems to care. Maybe the white couple was annoying, but that doesn't mean they deserve any of this.

Can a black person be racist?


Racism can hide its ugly face, but the simple fact is that it's alive and kicking the human race.

It is not clear at the time of this writing what initially started the argument, but the lack of reaction on security's part is nothing short of shameful.

And it doesn't matter if the couple were white, black, purple, or blue. They did not deserve to be brutally beaten by the mob.