Viral Video: Amber Heard Ignores Judge And Rushes Out Of Courtroom After Disastrous Testimony, Redirect

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A video of Amber Heard leaving the courtroom has gone viral. The Aquaman star rushed out of the courtroom, ignoring Judge Penny Azcarate's directions.

Johnny Depp is suing her for $50 million in a defamation suit brought on after Amber Heard published an op-ed in the Washington Post in 2018. The article speaks about domestic violence and all but names Depp, which, he said, harmed his career and life.

During cross-examination with Camille Vasquez, one of Depp's lawyers, Heard already appeared irritated. Things seemingly escalated once Elaine Bredehoft, Heard's lawyer, tried to rehabilitate her client's image.

Bredehoft's questions were met by numerous objections from Vasquez. Law&Crime's Cathy Russon captured the video:

The judge told Amber, "You can have a seat next to your attorney, okay?" She added, "You can go have a seat next to her. That's fine."

Heard went out instead.

The cross-examination started on Monday, with Vasquez playing the audio, which explains why Depp won't look at his ex-wife.

Depp told Amber in 2016, during their last meeting in person that "You will not see my eyes again."

Vasquez pressed, asking Amber why that was, and trying to establish her client as a person of his word.

The conversation between Johnny and Amber, which Heard replied she did not recall, ended with Amber asking for a hug.

Depp said, "I am nothing to you, and I will always be nothing to you. You will not see my eyes again."

Vasquez then played audio of Amber asking Depp to stay and have a "normal fight" instead of leaving.

Depp's legal team suggested that Amber was the one who had patterns for fights, while the actor wanted to leave and diffuse the arguments.

Heard, however, responded that she wanted Depp to stay because she was afraid he would do drugs or drink. That would, as she said, put her at risk.