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Violet Myers is a woman with many hustles. She is an adult film actress, Instagram personality, model, gamer, YouTuber, and businesswoman.

Most prominently, she is an anime enthusiast and claims to be a "thicc waifu," a fictional female character from an anime to whom many are romantically attracted.

Why Is Violet Myers Famous?

She is most famous for her x-rated videos. As an adult film actor, she is popular among fans to whom such videos appeal.

In 2021, there were rumors about her death, which gained a lot of traction but was later found to be false after she appeared on her OF account the same day.

Date Of Birth

February 24, 1997

Birth Place

United States

Horoscope Sign


Net Worth

About $2 million







Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark brown

Tattoos And Piercings

She has no known tattoos or extra piercings. In a 2020 Twitter post, she said, "I have 0 tattoos, and I plan on keeping it like that."

Plastic Surgeries

Violet admitted to undergoing plastic surgery in February 2020. On Twitter, she wrote: "just posted pics of how I look post-op surgery on my onlyfans!"


She shares very little about her family online.


Her most obvious hobby as an anime enthusiast is reading and watching anime. She also loves cosplaying and gaming and has an Instagram account wholly dedicated to that hobby.

Traveling, internet surfing, and photography are other hobbies she enjoys.

Who Is Violet Myers Dating?

She is reportedly dating no one at the moment.

Violet Myers Dating History

Previous boyfriends or girlfriends are unknown.

Violet Myers Social Media

Violet is a social butterfly. She is active across multiple social media platforms.

She shares pictures of herself as a model on Instagram, where she has about a million followers, and on Twitter, with about 1.6 million followers.

She is also active on Snapchat, Twitch, and Youtube.

Her YouTube channel where she shares what her life is like outside her job. She documents her everyday life and travels.

About Violet Myers

Violet is an internet sensation known for her exotic niche videos. She is also a brand influencer currently working with Flesglight, a male sex toy brand.

She has a fashion brand named @shopvioletmyers, where she sells anime-styled merch. She has a dedicated Instagram page for it, as she does for her cosplaying and gaming hobbies.

She has Mexican-Turkish ancestry and is invested in her career spanning various niches.

The YouTuber has over 239k subscribers who enjoy her vlogs. Her enticing pictures never fail to grab attention. Being called a "waifu" seems to be more than self-proclamation.