Vincent D'Onofrio Says Hugh Jackman Encouraged Him To Play An MCU Villain

Vincent D'onofrio Says Hugh Jackman Encouraged Him To Play An Mcu Villain

Vincent D'Onofrio apparently pursued a role as a Marvel Cinematic Universe villain with the encouragement of X-Men star Hugh Jackman. In 2015, D'Onofrio became a villain in the Daredevil series.

The Wolverine actor urged him to pursue a role during a casual conversation. The two already knew each other through the family.

After D'Onofrio showed interest in superhero films after the release of Iron Man and expressed a desire to play a villain, Jackman urged him to do so:

"I think I was actually with Hugh Jackman -- he was over at my house 'cause our kids went to the same school, and we were sitting at my patio . . . and I said, 'This superhero stuff is really turning out to be interesting,' and he goes, 'Yeah!' And I'm like, 'You know, I think one day I'm gonna get the chance to play one of those bad guys, and I think I could tear it up.' He goes, 'Yeah, I think you could too.'"

Vincent D'onofrio Says Hugh Jackman Encouraged Him To Play An Mcu Villain

In 2021's Hawkeye, he played the role of Daredevil villain Wilson Fisk. In Hawkeye, he reformed his criminal empire, and his role was highly anticipated by fans.

As Fisk, D'Onofrio is quite intimidating. He acts as a fearsome crime boss who ends up fighting with Cox's Matt Murdock in The Avengers.

He was involved in many battles and served many prison sentences as Fisk.

In Hawkeye, D'Onofrio appeared in Ronin, the show's fifth episode. His acting was praised by the directors.

Vincent D'onofrio Says Hugh Jackman Encouraged Him To Play An Mcu Villain

He went on to appear in the subsequent episode, So This Is Christmas? where he was trying to assassinate Eleanor Bishop after she threatened she would break their agreement.

His plan was foiled by Kate Bishop (Steinfeld), who attacked him with trick arrows. 'Onofrio last appeared in the series after being held at gunpoint by Maya after organizing her father's assassination.

The camera panned away as gunshots rang.

At the moment, D'Onofrio's fate as kingpin remains uncertain. Nevertheless, it is clear that fans were pretty happy to see him reprise his role at the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future.

To many people, the actor perfectly represents the villainous character, and he has every reason to be hoping for a larger role in MCU, as he reportedly is.

Still, it's quite interesting that Hugh Jackman encouraged D'Onofrio to take up the role, which has continued to win him praise and admiration for his perfect acting.