Vigilante Uses Online Registry To Hunt Down And Attack Sex Offenders

vigilante uses online registry to hunt down and attack sex offenders

Jason Vukovich, 44, will have to spend 23 years in prison for brutally attacking three registered sex offenders. The Alaskan vigilante found the offenders through the internet before hunting them down.

Understandably, the man has a number of supporters who believe that his violent version of justice was appropriate under the circumstances. However, he has since rethought his actions and now regrets what he did.

The Attacks Happened In 2016

With the help of an online search, Vukovich focused on three men and attacked them based on their descriptions. The information he gathered about them included their home addresses.

He went around with a notebook containing the names of the people he intended to confront at the time. In the end, Charles Albee, Andres Barbosa, and Wesley Demarest became his assault targets.

His Focus Was On Men Accused Of Abusing Children

Vukovich chose men who had been accused of committing sexual assault against children. Truthfully, this is the most disgusting form of crime anyone could ever commit.

The man would break into the men's houses at night before hitting them in the head with a hammer.

Surprisingly, none of the men died after the attack. However, Demarest, an elderly man in his 60s, got away with a fractured skull and admits to suffering from health issues after the brutal attack he suffered at Vukovich's hands.

According to Demarest, Vukovich had told him that he was an avenging angel who was meting out justice on behalf of the people Demarest had hurt.

Vukovich Was Sexually Abused As A Child

Obviously, it is more than likely that a man who chooses to be a vigilante against sexual offenders has a personal experience connected with the crime. Vukovich actually had this connection because he was abused as a child.

He revealed this while talking to the media in 2018.

Apparently, based on his childhood experiences, he had an overwhelming desire to act and decided to take matters into his own hands and attack the three pedophiles.

Some People Don't Think He Should Be Locked Up

Even though Vukovich admits that he was wrong by taking matters into his own hands and attacking the three men, some don't think he has anything to apologize for. These people actually hope that the man is released as soon as possible.

In fact, there was a petition demanding his acquittal, although it gathered a few hundred signatures before it was closed.

Vukovich Has Seen The Error In His Ways

Vukovich is a changed man. He realizes that vigilantism is not the answer and hopes that people realize that there is no place for this form of justice in our society.

He does not think spending a quarter a century in jail is worth the decisions he made.

While Vukovich might be in jail paying for his crimes for attacking sex offenders, the truth is that sexual crimes remain an embarrassing reality in our society.