Viewers Shocked After Watching 'Truly Revolting' Video About Doner Kebab Production

In the early hours of a Sunday morning, after saying goodbye to the bright club lights, you may find yourself craving a doner kebab.

With your friends beside you, you walk down the streets, your hungry stomach matching the night's excitement.

This post-party treat, a savory delight wrapped in bread and covered in sauces, satisfies like nothing else.

But have you ever wondered about the secrets behind this late-night favorite? Would you be curious to find out?


A YouTube video from Channel 4's Food Unwrapped delves into the mysterious world of the doner kebab.

Hailing from Turkey, this delicious delight involves layers of meat stacked on a rotating vertical spit—a common sight in takeout joints all over the UK.

In the video, the host, Jimmy Doherty, takes a bite of a freshly prepared doner kebab and wonders about the hidden mystery meat in the shavings.


He talks to the shop owner, who claims his kebab contains lamb, but he admits that others might use different meats like chicken or beef.

To unveil the secrets of the doner, Doherty visits Veli's Kebabs factory in Staffordshire.

There, he unravels the truth about what goes into the beloved doner.

Taking a look at the meat, a factory worker says: "This has come off one of the big supermarkets."


"They trim the meat up, they get it aesthetically pleasing for the customer, and the trim that gets leftover we get coming in."


"If [the meat] is labeled up as doner, which everybody associates with what's on a spit, it should be 100 per cent lamb."

"There are companies out there that are labeling up kebabs and they're containing beef and chicken – and there have been some instances of pork, which, for the Muslim community, is a big no-no."

Next, we get a glimpse of how they make the doner kebab.

They start by taking sizable pieces of lamb, which they dice and mix with textured soya protein to cut costs and increase the volume of the mixture.


For flavor, they add onion powder and salt, which also helps the kebab hold its shape when sliced.

The final composition of the doner is revealed – it consists of about 85% lamb, 5% bulking agent, 5% rusk, and 5% seasoning.

They then shape the mixture into thick circles and stack them on a spit, placing a sheet of lamb skin between each layer.

The process is quite interesting, though maybe not as appealing as we might hope.


The video sparked a variety of reactions from viewers. One person commented, "I never knew that. Never having doner."

Others called it "disgusting" and claimed they would "never eat again."

But when you're under the influence and reminiscing about past kebab experiences, it's easier said than done to resist.

One person made a valid point, stating, "If you're still capable of questioning what's in it [a doner], you're not p***ed enough to savor it."