Video Shows McDonald's Worker Sticking A Hand Down Pants — Then Preparing Fries

Video Shows Mcdonald’s Worker Sticking A Hand Down Pants — Then Preparing Fries

A shocking video shows a Mcdonald's worker sticking a hand down her pants, then using the same hand to continue making fries.

The now-viral TikTok video shows a young blonde woman standing in front of a fry station, touching her butt and showing her underwear. A man who was filming the footage asked:

"Excuse me, ma'am. Can I get my large fry?"

The worker removed her hand from her butt area as if nothing happened. Then, she continued preparing french fries.


There are several theories regarding the incident, including that it's an old clip, or that it was a prank.

Was it a joke?

Daily Mail suggested that the video wasn't real; instead, it was a joke or a prank. The man filming wasn't a real customer, but even so, the woman in the video wore McDonald's uniform, and she did touch her butt as well as the fries.


The video's gone viral since its posting in late December, with over 2 million views. TikTokers named it McNasty, adding commenting like:

"McXuse me, what the hell is going on?"


"Calling McCorporate."

Others were joking they want to see a McManager.

The woman from the video seems to enjoy pranks, though not all of them are funny. She was filmed smoking inside the restaurant, standing on the counter with her shoes, dancing, and more.


McDonald's response was that it's an old video, and the woman was fired back in 2016.

Joke or not, the woman was McPickin' it while being in the food area. She was also preparing the food, so we're not amused.