Video footage of a dog playing in a river in Far North Queensland and being eaten by a huge crocodile has surfaced, leaving the owner devastated.

video shows dog eaten by crocodile in remote queensland

The owner was walking his dogs in Aurukun, a remote Indigenous community 800 kilometers northwest of Cairns, and had stopped to take a photo of the sunrise. In contrast, his three dogs played in the shallows of the Watson River.

He hadn’t realized he was recording video when a crocodile suddenly leaped from the water and dragged one of the dogs below the surface. The attack, which occurred about 200 meters from the town’s boat ramp, took about two seconds.

The dog’s owner, who does not live locally, can be heard exclaiming “Oh no, Benny!”.

The video was sent to the Aurukun Indigenous Knowledge Centre, which shared it as a warning to other visitors to the area.

“Among the local Indigenous people, there’s a strong knowledge of croc behavior and a rich heritage of respect for them,” center coordinator Noel Waterman said.

video shows dog eaten by crocodile in remote queensland

It’s a good time to warn people about getting close to the water’s edge when you’re not attuned to the ways of nature. That’s what Indigenous knowledge and connection to the country are all about.

“There are also council signs on the boat ramp and where people go fishing, advising against swimming, and being careful around the water’s edge.”

Traditional land owner Perry Yunkaporta said the local community could “read the water”.

“I have been fishing in that area many, many times and I would see crocs lying on the other side of the bank,” he said.

“We know when the crocs are going to attack.”

Aurukun is a remote Indigenous town on the west coast of Cape York Peninsula, home to more than 1200 Indigenous people.

The last surviving Aboriginal community in Queensland uses the local Indigenous language (Wik Mungkan) as its first language.