Video: Lady Shoots Her Gun At Man W/Infant In His Car, During Wild Road Rage Fight

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Two people have been arrested in Texas following a road rage incident involving a 2-year-old north of Houston on I-45.

A video shows a man slamming hands onto a silver Toyota Camry. The woman fired a gun into the car's window. Inside the vehicle was a man with a child.

The woman shot again once the car drove away.

Officials confirmed that Benjamin Greene and Nazly Ortiz were arrested and booked in Harris County Jail.

Greene was charged with aggravated assault, while Ortiz was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon later that day.

The victim was taken to the hospital for the graze wound, while the child was okay.

Green and Oritz appeared in court, and Greene was bonded out for $150,000, while Ortiz remains behind bars with the bail set at $300,000.