Video: Fayetteville, NC Rioter Accidentally Lights Himself On Fire

Video: Fayetteville, NC Rioter Accidentally Lights Himself On Fire

A man set himself on fire while trying to burn a building during riots in North Carolina.

Multiple videos captured the incident.

In one of the videos, somebody throws a flaming Molotov cocktail on the building. However, the bottle didn't shatter, and it only caused a small fire.

So, this guy on the video decided to break the bottle by throwing it further into the building.

After picking up the flaming bottle, the rioter raises it above his head to throw it. But portions of the burning liquid spills on him, setting his hair and backside on fire.


While on fire, the man ran down the stairs and drop to the ground as onlookers tried to help put out the flames.


In other videos, the flames on the man could be seen across the street.

Despite the rioter's incompetence, the building caught fire after other rioters tossed flammable material inside the building.

Luckily, first responders managed to extinguish the blaze within 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, authorities identified the man who set himself on fire as Andrew Garcia-Smith, 32. Paramedics rushed him to the hospital with minor burn injuries.


But as soon as he was released from the hospital, the police arrested and charged him with one count of maliciously damaging property.

Apparently, This Isn't the First Rioter to Set Himself on Fire During Protects

Video: Fayetteville, NC Rioter Accidentally Lights Himself On Fire
video: fayetteville, nc rioter accidentally lights self on fire

Just recently, another footage surfaced of a rioter in Portland setting himself on fire with a Molotov cocktail.

In the video, a group of rioters threw burning bottles against the pavement. However, one of the burning bottles dropped dangerously close to a protester.

Shortly after, a man in a red beanie emerges from a huge blaze and frantically run across the street, trying to put out the flames burning his shoes.


The person filming can be heard calling him a 'f***ing idiot.'

The man then rolls on the ground in an effort to smother the flames as other rioters rush over to help.

One person shouts:

"Take your shoes off."

While another says:

"Smother it, smother it!"


How Did People React?

After the videos on the incident surfaced online, many people found the incident hilariousā€”some even edited background soundtracks to the videos.

One person commented:

"This made my day."

Another said:

"This is awesome. I like the fire dance he did before his colleague tried to use a garbage can lid to extinguish it."


While another added:

"Ok, having cooked my foot over hot coals (3rd-degree burn) as a 5-year-old, I DO feel sorry for that guy. But HOLY HELL, I learned NOT to set my feet on fire at the age of 5!"

"So in the spirit of 'play stupid games'ā€¦ win stupid prizes."