Very Few People Can Figure Out Exactly How Many Holes Are In This T-Shirt

Very Few People Can Figure Out Exactly How Many Holes Are In This T-Shirt

Tests don't end as soon as you step out of the classroom, although that's what many people assume. Luckily, all you have to do today is determine how many holes there are in this t-shirt.

I know thinking about the tension-filled moments you took tests in class can send chills down your spine, but this fun logical test will fill you with joy and excitement.

However, I have to warn you: although this test looks simple, it's quite deceptive.

The only thing you can count on is having fun as you take it.

So, rethink your answer to make sure you don't miss anything. A lot of people have tried this test and failed, and for two simple reasons I am about to tell you about.

The first way people mess up when taking this test is by not thinking things through. So, try not to go with the first answer that pops into your mind and you might avoid this common mistake.

The second problem is that once you see the answer, you don't get a chance to fix it. The best you can do is try and find out where you went wrong.

With that, let's go to the test.

After Looking At This T-Shirt, How Many Holes Do You See?

Very Few People Can Figure Out Exactly How Many Holes Are In This T-Shirt

Look closely and take your time. Have you counted all the holes in the T-shirt?

Are you ready with your answer? If you are keep scrolling, you will find out if you got this puzzle right.

Remember that once you see the answer, you can't unsee it.

That T-shirt has 8 holes in it. If you got that answer, then you are right.

In case you are wondering how the number of holes get to 8, let's break it down for you.

Let's start with the obvious holes. First of all, you have to count the neck, the lower opening, and the two sleeves.

That comes to 4 holes.

Then there are two holes in the middle of the shirt. But you have to count each hole twice because it goes through the front and the back of the T-shirt.

So, although you can only see two holes in the middle, these are actually 4 holes. When you add them to the other 4, the total comes to 8 holes, which is the right answer.

See how much fun that was? If you got it right the first time, kudos!