Venus Retrograde Is Happening — Tempting Your Dark Side, Be Careful With Your Heart

Venus Retrograde Is Happening — Tempting Your Dark Side, Be Careful With Your Heart

Roughly every eighteen months, the planet Venus goes in retrograde for about 40 days and 40 nights. Because Venus is the planet of love, money, and pleasure, it should come as no surprise that this planetary backspin and the astrological phenomenon will have a significant impact on our universe.

The Venus retrograde and your love life:

During the Venus retrograde, you will find yourself coming up against one challenge after another in your relationships and will have your love put to the ultimate test. If you are in an otherwise committed relationship, you will find yourself rethinking your entire relationship. This is because this time will bring to the surface some of the issues that have plagued your relationship in the past and the here and now.

Old flames and friends will resurface, and you will find yourself wishing to reconnect with them. The same goes for new people. There is so much passion inside you, and you will want to share that passion with somebody, even if that means ignoring every red sign that you see.

To get you safely to the other side, remember that retrograde will bring out the negatives in love. You could take this time to deal with the misgivings that come up, helping you to enjoy a better and more fulfilling relationship post-retrograde.

Again, that ex or that new guy that seems just too tempting will more than likely not be there at the end of the retrograde. Spare yourself the heartache and just don't get involved.

The retrograde and your money:

Venus is also the planet of pleasure, and as a modern woman, shopping surely ranks high up among the things that please you. You will find yourself overindulging and spend on overly luxurious purchases that will only leave you with a strong sense of buyer's remorse post-retrograde. For our own sake, it's better to hold off on any such spendings until the retrograde is over.

You may also find yourself comparing yourself to others and feeling sorry about your financial status. You may want to spend big, just to prove to yourself and others that you are just fine financially, but rest assured that this is something you will definitely regret. Don't believe your own negative talk. It's just another effect of the retrograde.

Retrograde and creativity:

During the Venus retrograde, you will find yourself going through a roller-coaster of emotions, riding through the highs and the lows. You will find yourself introspecting and contemplating a lot more. You will go through the whole gamut of emotions during this time, and it can get quite overwhelming.

Fortunately, you can stay on top of it all by channeling these emotions and feelings into some creative projects. Think of songs, dances, and poetry. If you are one for artistic inclinations, then this is the time to channel your emotions into revisiting and reconnect with your creative self.

Your love life may get a little crazy around this time, and you may feel like your finances are such a mess, but there's definitely a lot more to the Venus retrograde than just chaos. This time will open you up to different creative outlets. You will also have the perfect opportunity to re-assess your relationships and your financial priorities. It can be a beautiful time of growth.