Venessa Nieto's Picture, Dating, Age, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, And Biography

One of the most beautiful women on earth is Venessa Nieto. Because she is committed and passionate about what she does best, Venessa has accomplished a lot.

Venessa thinks that not everyone has the good fortune to achieve fame due to their intrinsic talent or ability; rather, it is "sheer luck" if they unexpectedly find themselves at the top without doing anything. Continue reading to learn more about Venessa Nieto and see her images.

Why Is Venessa Nieto Famous?

Venessa Nieto is famous for her fitness training and tips. She has many fans who admire her and what she does. She is also one of the managers of Ramiro productions.

She is also a manager at Somnium lifestyle. Asides from these, she is an amazing model.

Date Of Birth

12th, July 1989

Birth Place

California, USA

Horoscope Sign





162 cm

Venessa's Weight

57 kg (125 lbs)



Hair Color


Eye Color


Tattoos And Piercings

She has a tattoo on her left arm and her back. She has a couple of piercings on her body.

Plastic Surgeries

She has enhanced breasts.


Not much is known about Venessa's family.


Exercises, content creation, traveling, and photography.

Who Is Venessa Nieto Dating?

Yes, Venessa is dating. She shared a picture of her new boyfriend on her Instagram.

Vanessa's Social Media

Venessa has 529k followers on Instagram. Her page is dedicated to her fitness career.

Her Instagram promotes her modeling and fitness career. She has several pictures showing herself with her gym equipment.

About Venessa Nieto

Popular fitness model Venessa Nieto was born and raised in Southern California, USA. Venessa, who has a curvaceous, slender, and fit body, serves as an inspiration to many of her fans. However, Venessa wasn't always in the trim, healthy condition she is now.

Venessa recalled her 'skinny' childhood by noting, "I was always the skinniest person in high school. I endured teasing in elementary school for my small stature and inability to put on weight.

Venessa attempted various weight-gaining strategies, including working out at home and consuming "gainer" smoothies. But nothing she attempted was successful.

Venessa's body, and eventually her life, didn't start to improve until she entered the gym. Venessa put on more than 30 pounds of lean muscle after years of training.

Since then, she has earned recognition for her amazing physique and great gym discipline. I'm 120 pounds right now, and thanks to my weight training, I hope to gain more weight, as Venessa puts it. Making something from nothing is so much fun, and I like assisting others in doing the same.