People Laughed And Filmed As Vegas Teen Raped Intoxicated Girl


A teenager from Nevada is accused of having sex with a schoolgirl who was extremely drunk. The girl was so intoxicated that she was "barely conscious", according to the police.

Reportedly, bystanders recorded the incident while laughing, even as she tearfully pleaded for him to "stop."

Aiden Cicchetti, a 17-year-old, initially denied having sex with the girl in the back of her car. However, when presented with three videos he became overwhelmed with emotions and broke down in tears, as mentioned in an arrest report obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The videos captured bystanders laughing while Cicchetti was being filmed performing a sex act on the girl while she was crying "no, no, no."

The documents stated that before watching the clips, the girl didn't remember having sex with Cicchetti, whom she had encountered on a "party bus" in Las Vegas.

According to the report, she informed the police that she felt dizzy, nauseous, and had blurred vision after Cicchetti gave her alcohol. The next thing she remembered was waking up in his kitchen, wrapped in a towel, and discovering that her pants and underwear were missing.

The documents state that later on, he messaged her on social media and mentioned their sexual encounter, which she initially thought was a joke.

However, someone later sent her the videos, writing: "LMAO look what I found on my phone."

The unidentified girl eventually confided in her friends and a counselor at school before reporting the incident to the police. The report did not disclose her age or reveal the name of her school.

During police interviews, Cicchetti's mother, who is an attorney, was present. It was at this time that Cicchetti started crying and confessed to being the boy seen in the videos, according to the report.

However, he maintained that the sexual activity was consensual, even going so far as to claim that the girl's friends "pressured him" into engaging in it, as stated in the report.

Cicchetti's lawyer, Ross Goodman, told the Nevada newspaper that the sexual activity was consensual. He accused the police of not interviewing witnesses whose testimonies contradict the police's version of events.

The attorney also stated that there was no evidence to suggest that the girl "was incoherent or otherwise blacked out."

The incident supposedly occurred in late March, but the specific details only came to light in the recently obtained arrest report.

Cicchetti is facing three charges of sexual assault, according to online records.

He appeared in Las Vegas Justice Court last Wednesday and was released without having to pay bail. However, he must abide by certain conditions, which include staying out of trouble and refraining from contacting the girl, as indicated by the records. A progress update on the case is set for June 21.