Utah School, That Faced Backlash For Allowing Students To Opt Out Of Black History Month Curriculum, Finally Changes Policy

utah school, that faced backlash for allowing students to opt out of black history month curriculum, finally changes policy

After several parents complained about their kids going through Black History Month, a school made the drastic decision to give the parents the choice of opting their kids out of this part of the curriculum.

However, after harsh criticism, the school director changed tone and said:

"We should not shield our children from the history of our Nation, the mistreatment of its African American citizens, and the bravery of civil rights leaders, but should educate them about it."

White History Is Taught All Year Long In The U.S.

Those who live in the United States and know a thing or two about its education system understand how this system is biased in favor of white, male, and heterosexual people.

Additionally, any suggested changes to this discriminative system are often met with fierce resistance.

The Utah school faced a lot of backlashes after it allowed parents to opt-out of "Black History" if they did not want their kids to be part of this curriculum.

Never before was this even considered possible.

The institution, Maria Montessori Academy in North Ogden, allowed parents to decide if their kids could be part of the "Black History Month" or not.

Soon after the decision, severe backlash followed from several quarters.

The Parents Had Complained

Some parents complained that their kids were learning about "Black History." That was enough to force the school to give the parents the option to do away with this part of the curriculum.

Micah Hirokawa, the school director, admitted that the school bowed to the pressure several parents put on the institution. These parents claimed that they were not happy that their kids were learning about black history.

Later, he wrote on Facebook about not shielding children from the Nation's history, particularly the mistreatment of African Americans and the bravery of civil rights leaders.

Black History Is Taught For A Few Weeks Every Year

Black history is taught for only four weeks every year.

Therefore, when the news got out that the school had decided to make "Black History Month" optional, a lot of people got angry.

The option gave parents the right to get their kids out of history classes that were not about white historical figures. This is something some people found disgusting.

Usually, white history is taught all year long in the United States. However, black history is only taught for a few weeks every year.

Someone took issue with the sad fact that kids can opt-out of black history and still go on with their studies. The same students have to learn about white history to proceed to the next grade.

However, many parents and kids at the institution were also disappointed to see that the school had come up with a form that gave them the power to opt their kids out of their black history month.

One of the parents at the school sent a Facebook post expressing disgust with the decision to make black history optional:

"I was appalled to see the form sent out that allows parents to opt their kids out of this and to hear that some parents have requested it."

Option Withdrawn

After the criticism that followed the school's decision to make black history optional, the school withdrew the forms.

Additionally, the school settled the issues it had with the parents who had requested that their kids be excused from the "lessons."

It would seem that this school has discovered that black history is also part of American history. The school has finally agreed that all historical figures are worth learning about at school, regardless of race.