Utah CEO Caught With 13,000 Nasty Rape Videos Of Bound Toddlers Gets Away With Only Seven Months In Jail

Doug Saltsman, the former CEO of a cryptocurrency company, Saltmine, expressed remorse while in a Salt Lake City court.

He faced up to 15 years in prison on convictions for three felonies relating to sexual exploitation. But Judge Douglas Hogan sentenced him to 210 days and 48 months of probation instead.

Saltsman first came to authorities' attention after someone alerted them to an internet provider address sharing child pornography.


The Raiding Of His Home

Detectives obtained a search warrant and then raided Saltsman's home. They seized his electronic devices and found thousands of files of child pornography.

According to court documents, the first file was a compilation of rape videos of girls under 8 years.

Another file contained footage of Saltsman engaging in sexual intercourse with unconscious women.


Other files contained child sex abuse images. They showed kids bound and raped.

After investigation, police learned that 279 of the children in the files depicted known identified child victims. They also found a 'drug lab of some sort' in a downstairs bedroom closet in his home.

Saltsman Faced 11 Charges But Struck A Plea Deal With Prosecutors

They agreed that if he pleads guilty to three second-degree felony charges of sexual exploitation, they'll drop some charges.


During his sentencing, he apologized for his behavior, saying:

"I just want to say that every day I wake up to shame, guilt, regret, and disgust."

"When I did the psychosexual evaluation, all I could talk about was confusion and compulsive behaviors: Downloading, viewing, and masturbating to child pornography."

He added:

"I didn't understand why I would think about these things. I then started seeing a psychiatrist right after that."


"[The psychiatrist] prescribed medication, and I began therapy. That's when I started to understand some of the deeper mental issues. I learned that my self-destructive behavior matches my self-hatred."

"I want to repair the damage and look myself in the mirror… I'm sorry. I'll make sure this never happens again."

Judge Douglas then sentenced him to 210 days in prison with credit for 148 days he had spent in jail.


He also ordered Saltsman to serve 48 months of probation with Adult Probation & Parole (AP&P)

The judge added:

"He'll be subject to group A sex offender conditions. He'll need to undergo and complete sex offender treatment and therapy."

"He will also need to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation... And comply with any recommended treatment."