Urkhammer – The Story Of A Town That 'vanished' Without A Trace!

One of the most puzzling cases of missing cities and towns is that of Urkhammer, a rural town in the state of Iowa, United States. In 1928, the town was suddenly abandoned and aerial photographs showed empty streets and overgrown crops on local farms. It was as if everyone had simply vanished, leaving the town to be reclaimed by nature. The case of Urkhammer remains a mystery to this day.

A Traveller Visits Urkhammer

The mystery deepened when a traveler reported stopping outside of Urkhammer during a trip. When he arrived at the gas station to refuel, he found it completely abandoned, with empty pumps and no sign of life. The gas station, office, and convenience store were all abandoned and appeared to have been uninhabited for some time.

The traveler became concerned that something bad might have happened and decided to go to the nearby city, located just over 2 kilometers away. However, despite following the signs and speeding up in an attempt to reach the city, he was unable to find it. No matter how far he drove or how many signs indicated that he should be getting closer to the city, he never arrived at Urkhammer.

It was as if the city had simply vanished. The traveler drove for about four miles before turning back due to a lack of fuel. As he returned to the highway, he felt a sense of overwhelming desolation. He had a strange feeling that something very bad had happened in Urkhammer, and others who passed through the area reported similar sensations.

What Happened To The Inhabitants?

Some people claim to have reached Urkhammer, only to find empty streets, abandoned houses, and no trace of the town's inhabitants. According to the last census, conducted in 1920, Urkhammer had a population of 300 people. Their fate remains a mystery to this day.

At the time, a local newspaper published articles stating that the residents had moved to an unknown location, but the investigation into their disappearance was overshadowed by the onset of the Great Depression. In the midst of the economic crisis, it seemed that no one was concerned about the fate of the people of Urkhammer.

A police officer from Oakmeadow, a neighboring town, visited a relative living in Urkhammer and witnessed the total abandonment and neglect of the city. When he entered the house of his relative, he found personal belongings but no sign of life. The sheriff's office was also abandoned, with no clues as to what had happened to the villagers.

Dust Cover

Four years after the mysterious disappearance of the city, Urkhammer was hit by sandstorms, also known as the Dust Bowl. The town was partially buried by the storms, which turned the once thriving city into abandoned fields covered in dust and structures left to rot in the sun. The only sign of human presence in the area was a tall iron post that marked the spot where animals were fed. Urkhammer had ceased to exist.

Unsolved Mystery

Several decades later, a caravan of gypsies arrived at the site where Urkhammer once stood. The leader of the Roma group said that he could not stay there for long, claiming that the area was full of tears and suffering from the people who had disappeared and were never found.

In 1990, real estate companies planned to build on the site, but when contractors discovered the ruins of a small town beneath the sand dunes, the project was abandoned. To this day, it is unknown what happened to the residents of Urkhammer, and the case remains one of the many mysteries of the state of Iowa.


It is not known when Urkhammer was founded. Today, all that is known about the town is that it was a typical small town that has become one of many towns that have "vanished," some with more credibility than others. Does this mean that the story of Urkhammer is simply a story and nothing more? It is possible.

However, it is also possible that stranger things have happened and that people, and even entire civilizations, have disappeared without a trace. There is a small chance that Urkhammer was real and that somewhere out there, there is a clue that proves its existence and the strange events that took place.