Uranus, Hilariously, Smells Like Farts, Scientists Claim

Uranus, Hilariously, Smells Like Farts, Scientists Claim

I remember when we would chuckle at the mention of Uranus as we were learning about the solar system.

In fact, on account of its name, when people say that the planet smells like farts, many assume it's a joke.

Yep, the planet has been the butt of many jokes.

And now, it turns out that it isn't just funny that people make this joke about this giant planet. Hilarious as this might sound, Uranus actually smells like farts.

Not convinced? Consider these facts about this planet.

1. It's Full Of Hydrogen Sulfide

According to research published in Nature Astronomy, a popular scientific journal, Uranus has clouds of hydrogen sulfide in its atmosphere. In case you are wondering where the connection between these clouds and the fart smell lies, you should know that this compound stinks. Yes, just like farts.

2. Yes, It's Smells Pretty Bad

The chances of us visiting Uranus are pretty slim. The planet's atmosphere would not accommodate human life, and also, who would stand the stench?

Apparently, just getting into the atmosphere of this planet would make you smell like you were rolling in rotten eggs. Imagine being in an environment where every breath you took smelled strongly of rotten eggs because of the hydrogen sulfide. That would not be very pleasant, trust me.

3. The Scientists Had More Important Things To Investigate

You did not think the science community would care so much about the jokes people were making about this planet to want to set the record straight, did you? Of course not. Their researchers were curious to know if we could go to Uranus and survive there if at all a time came when we would desire that.

It is just that they discovered that, in addition to not giving us very good odds of surviving there, the planet did actually smell like farts, exactly as many people like to joke.

However, during the course of this study, the scientists were able to discover more about Uranus and its genesis, which obviously adds to our knowledge of this mysterious universe.

4. It's Nothing New

Scientists have had a reason to believe Uranus was filled with hydrogen sulfide for some time now. They just hadn't confirmed the theory until now. According to Patrick Irwin, the scientific community felt that it "was (hydrogen sulfide) probably there."

However, the planetary physics professor continued to explain, "we've never actually been able to absolutely say for certain that it really is until these new measurements we've just made, where we can actually see the fingerprints of hydrogen sulfide above the clouds."

Uranus might not be a viable planetary destination for us humans, but it seems the giant heavenly body still gives us plenty to laugh about. With its hilarious name matched by its equally stinky atmosphere, the person behind the planet's name seems to have had an incredible insight into the planet's true nature while giving it its peculiar name.