Until You Meet Someone Who Can Pursue You Every Single Day, Stay Single

Until You Meet Someone Who Can Pursue You Every Single Day, Stay Single

Bad relationships exist all around us simply because some people have been misled to believe that love is hard, painful, and full of misery.

But love should not make you lose your mind thinking what the hell is going on with your romantic partner or guessing what their next move will be.

Love should not ruin your life and leave it in tatters. And yet, this is what many people believe love to be.


With Love Comes Liberty. Period

Knowing this, why would you settle for anything less?

Why put up with a miserable life so you can tell people you have love in your life? If it really is love, you would be happy.

Anyone who proves to you that love and relationships are hard does not belong in your life. Life is short, and you should only care for those willing to do the same for you.


That is why I will keep on insisting that you learn to stay single until the right person comes along. Wait for someone who will be there for you no matter what.

Be with someone who will catch you when you fall and can commit to you and you alone. Not other people, their jobs, or other things in their lives.

When You Love, You Share Your Life With The Person You Love

Anything that falls short should never be considered to be love.


There is a way you should be treated. And there are limits regarding what you should put up with. The right partner will treat you well without expecting you to congratulate him on his efforts.

A Loving Boyfriend Will Not Play Hard To Get To Win Your Love

Rather than playing games, the perfect partner will want to focus on growing the relationship.


So, wait for that person who makes an effort to love you every single day. Your ideal partner is someone who loves the sound of your voice and will hear you out whenever you have something to say.

Unless you have found someone who understands that love involves some give and take, you still have a long way to go.

A person who truly loves you will make an effort to make sure you know that they love you every single day. He will not get tired of pursuing you. When you part, his greatest wish will be to see you again.


At all times, this person will want nothing more than to see you happy and satisfied with your life.

So, don't settle for the sad and miserable relationships that people put up with in the name of love. True love confirms to you every single day that you made the right choice.

Unless you have found this kind of love, stay single because you are putting yourself through unnecessary emotional pain and psychological torture.