Weird Story

Unrepentant 'Catfishes' Display Their Glam To Barefaced Transformations

A TikTok challenge has gone viral, in which women from different parts of the world are displaying their proudest 'catfish' moments.

@moldogaa, a 22-year-old TikTok user from Australia, initiated the Catfish Challenge by posting a Snapchat selfie for her 87,000 followers.

In her video, she exclaimed, "Just took this photo on Snapchat... I do NOT look like that! Catfish - MEOW!"

The video gained rapid popularity, with many others utilizing its audio to showcase their own remarkable makeovers from stunning to their usual laid-back appearance.

More than 122,000 individuals have used the audio from the video to create their own versions of this comical challenge.

A multitude of women posted pictures of themselves looking their most glamorous, adorned with thick layers of mascara and flawlessly contoured cheeks.

In the meantime, several participants displayed their bare faces, which were almost unrecognizable in contrast to their made-up looks, causing them to chuckle at their own transformations.

With a video showcasing her own transformation, TikTok sensation Whitney Kait queried her 1.7 million followers by posting: "Can someone give me the title of Catfish Queen of 2020 already?"

Unsurprisingly, the video left Whitney's male followers puzzled, with one of them commenting: "I'm scared now."

Another user referred to it as 'black magic' and further commented: "How do you do it?"

@mzznofilter, another TikTok user from America, shared her own remarkable transformation video for the challenge, labeling her post with the caption 'the truth is out haha'.

Alyssa Violet, a YouTuber and influencer, astounded her 3.7 million fans with her transformation, captioning her video with the word 'exposed'.

Numerous followers were equally awed by her make-up-free appearance, with one of them writing: "She still looking fine to me."

Another commented: "Damn! Even prettier without makeup."

This challenge comes right after a different TikTok trend, in which parents and older siblings were seen picking up their babies and toddlers and tossing them out of the camera frame.

Social media users are participating in a challenge that involves dancing and lip-syncing to the song 'Baby' by Blueface, which includes the rapper's lyrics: "No baby, we can't have the baby. If you don't take this Plan B, b****, it's plan C."

As soon as this charming lyric plays, parents are humorously throwing their children away while viewers can only hope that a nearby mattress has cushioned their landing.