UNO is an entertaining card game most of us have known since our childhoods, and we’re familiar with its strategy rules, or we think we do. But UNO has recently issued a statement that’ll leave you in a shock because we’ve been living a lie all this time.

The UNO card game company has confirmed that players cannot stack +4 or+2 while playing the game through a Twitter post. The company has announced that it’s aware that most players have been using this strategy.

This means the move has been illegal all this time. So, if a player before you put down +4 or +2 cards, you must draw +4 or +2 cards and skip their turn.

We all know stacking +4 and +2 cards in the UNO game has been a common strategy. And when most enthusiasts of this game saw the company’s tweet, they didn’t take it well.

Many social media users have made pretty hilarious tweets about this announcement. Check out some of the comments and internet reactions below.