Unique Qualities Of Girls Every Man Wishes To Have

It is quite difficult to understand precisely what men look for in a woman. They might approach you, but what motives do they have? Are they in it for the long-term or are they just looking for another one-night stand? One thing for sure though, is that men are attracted to strong women who know what they want and are not afraid to show or say it. They are not your ordinary neighborhood girl who ends up becoming just another statistic. Let us look at what sets them apart.

They are not afraid to see you walk

Strong women don’t allow their lives to revolve around the men they are seeing. They know that they are complete on their own and losing a boyfriend does not spell the end for them. They won’t nudge you with endless texts and phone calls whenever you threaten to end the relationship. They have important careers, hobbies, and dependable girlfriends to keep their minds off you. This is the kind of attribute that helps them to abandon bad relationships without giving it a second thought.

They are not afraid to step in

Men are turned on by women who won’t hesitate to step in to help their men whenever they see the need. They don’t believe in all the stereotypes and show pride in embracing their feminism. They don’t mind picking up the tab after a restaurant date or paying for the movie tickets every once in a while. If ever they feel there is a need, they will do it with no apologies. These are the kind of women that turn men on.

They look to their strengths and not weaknesses

Independent ladies, just like anyone of us, acknowledge that they have insecurities but don’t allow them to shape their destinies. It takes a strong person to find a way of overlooking their not-so-impressive attributes and keep all their negative thoughts and energy in check. Instead, they capitalize on their strengths to lift them up and become the desirable women that men are looking for.

Love does exist to them

Strong women are not cynical about love. They don’t allow their previous failed relationships or rhetoric from bitter ex-lovers to change their belief about true love. Never will they completely lock out men from their lives or settle for less just because they’ve been single for a while. These ladies know that they deserve the best that love has to offer and their prince charming is waiting for the opportune time to show up.

They mean what they say

The age-old narrative “No means yes” does not apply to these majestic members of the female fold. They are sure of what they want and don’t need to clarify what they have just said. If they want you to give them a night to remember, they will tell you to your face, and if not, the body language will definitely suggest it. They are more concerned with what they want than what you’ll think about their “new” behavior.

They are not easy going

Strong ladies won’t fall for the first pickup line or any hunk who smiles their way. This does not necessarily mean that they are playing games; you just have to offer something tangible to convince them.