'Unicorn Armpit Hair' Is The Best Beauty Trend Of 2019 So Far

‘unicorn Armpit Hair’ Is The Best Beauty Trend Of 2019 So Far

All you have been hearing is that armpit hair is a no-no for women. Well, not anymore. Today, having armpit hair is where it's at.

But you have to color it to achieve the now popular Unicorn Armpit Hair look to do it stylistically.

Apparently, fashion trendsetters have decided that it's time to put an end to gender shaming surrounding armpit hair. Women are expected to be hairless from the eyebrows and below.

But 2019 is seeing a change to this awful cultural trend. The first salvo had the first month got the name "Januhairy", a blend of the two names "January" and "hairy".

In commemoration of this liberating revolution, all women are allowed growth in body hair, and they went on to put it on display on social media.

It was while the trend was at its peak that it metamorphosed into the Unicord Armpit Hair trend. At some point, some women decided to add some bit of color to the hairs they were showing off.

Under the hashtag #UnicornPits, many Instagram users dyed their armpits in various colors of the rainbow and shared the pictures on social media.

This colorful trend is now taking hold, and the response seems to be anything but positive.

And as far as crazy fashion trends go, this is certainly not the craziest of them all. In the past, people have experimented with unicorn hair, nose hair extensions, glitter tears, and even McDonalds eyebrows.

All we know for now is that as far as this year's fashion trends go, the Unicorn Armpit Hair trend is ahead of the pack.

Clearly, many women were longing for a chance to show off their armpit hair without feeling judged; and nothing beats doing this in a fun and interesting way that makes them feel beautiful and fashionable as well by creating Unicord Armpit Hair.