Weird Story

Here's Why Men's Underwear Has A Hole In The Front

It's been said that conquering Everest and traveling to the moon were incredible feats of human achievement. However, one can't help but wonder if these accomplishments could have happened even earlier if there had been a flap in the front of men's underpants.

Surprisingly, there are two purposes for the fly in men's underwear - not just one. Experts have recently revealed that the design of boxers, briefs, and y-fronts involved much more scientific thought than previously believed.

According to the experts at SheathUnderwear, the design of men's boxers has undergone significant changes over the years.

Despite the fact that the opening in men's underwear provides greater convenience for urinating in public restrooms, it's surprising to learn that only 20 percent of wearers actually utilize it.

It's clear that the hole in boxers serves a purpose, as no one would put it there without reason. SheathUnderwear experts have shed more light on the design and development of men's underwear over time, revealing that the gap in the underwear has many names.

According to a spokesperson from Sheath, the hole in boxers is also called a "fly", which makes it easier for men to pee while wearing them.

However, only 20% of men who wear boxers actually use the fly. Instead, most men prefer to pull their boxers down when using the toilet. In addition to convenience, the fly also provides comfort to wearers, according to the experts.

The area where the fly is located has changed drastically over the years, with modern underwear offering a roomier pouch design that gives men more definition, comfort, support, and freedom. The most common fly nowadays comes with an easy-to-close button.