Underwear-Clad Man Chases Intruder With Didgeridoo

Dressed in just his underpants and armed with a didgeridoo, a man from Adelaide chased an intruder from his property, leading to a swift arrest.

Kym Abrook was woken up by unusual noises in his Fulham Gardens home early on Monday.

The father of 12 was woken by a cracking sound inside his home, just a few minutes before 4:00 am.

Abrook told 9News that it was a second-split decision, and he had no time to get dressed. He just grabbed a didgeridoo and chased the suspect down the street.

But when Abrook lost sight of the thief, he decided to call back up from the neighborhood.

Suspecting that the offender was hiding in a nearby property, the neighbors surrounded the home and then called the police.

The police tracked down the suspect with a sniffing dog, who was found hiding under a car. The offender was arrested and taken to the police station.

Talking about the incidence, Abrook told the 9News reporter:

"I noticed I run faster naked."

"Semi-naked anyway, so I might try that… very lucky the cops got there first."

After a police search, the suspect was found with a wallet and cash, suspected to be from the robbery.

The 32-year-old was charged with aggravated theft and trespass. The suspect was bailed to appear in Port Adelaide Magistrate court on August 6.

Theft and home invasion cases in Adelaide have increased in recent months. In March 2019, a woman was dragged to the ground by robbers and had her cash stolen during a terrifying robbery at an ATM in Adelaide CBD.

After the incident, the woman reported that she was depositing some cash at Gouger Street when the thieves attacked her. Although she wasn't injured, she was left terrified, and her money was taken.

The robbery happened just a few weeks after an older man was injured on his hand as he was withdrawing money from an ATM in Modbury.

With a rise in Adelaide's crime rates, it's always essential to contact the police before taking the law into your own hands. Although Kym Abrook was doing the right thing to chased the suspect, the most appropriate action was first to alert the police.

This's because if he managed to catch the suspect before the police arrived, it was likely that he'd injure the offender with the didgeridoo, which is not advisable.

So, it's always important to contact local authorities when a crime such as theft or home invasion occurs.