Underwater Dive Team Arrives At The Scene Of Search For Gabby Petito's Fiancé Brian Laundrie

Underwater Dive Team Arrives At The Scene Of Search For Gabby Petito’s Fiancé Brian Laundrie

A team of underwater divers arrived at a nature reserve Carlton Reserve in Florida in an effort to find Brian Laundrie, a person of interest in the homicide, CNN reported.

The divers are from Sarasota Sheriff's Department and are known as Sheriff's Underwater Recovery Force (SURF). They arrived in the swampy area on Wednesday, but it is still unknown why they were called.

According to the Sheriff's website, this team of professional divers consists of "highly trained underwater specialists" who are "called upon to search for evidence of crimes and victims of drowning, water accidents, and foul play."

Brian Laundrie has been missing for over a week, and according to his parents, he went to the resort to have some peace and quiet.

The investigative teams are trying to figure out what exactly happened to Gabby Petito and why her boyfriend left his home without a trace.

Underwater Dive Team Arrives At The Scene Of Search For Gabby Petito's Fiancé Brian Laundrie

The couple was on a trip around the country, posting regular updates on social media. However, Brian came back on September 1st without Gabby. She was reported missing by her family on the 11th.

Gabby's remains were found in Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest on Sunday, and the official autopsy confirmed that it was a homicide.

Laundrie refused to talk to the authorities, and so did his whole family. The 911 call that was released this week shed new light on the seemingly harmonic relationship. A person reported that a man was slapping a woman in a white van.

The two talked to two officers who believed that Brian, not Gabby, was the victim of abuse.

After Gabby's family and the rest of the nation learned that the remains found were Gabby's, the primary focus is finding Brian Laundrie.

He took his backpack on September 14th and left his North Port home. His parents did not report his disappearance right away.

Another factor that makes locating him difficult is the wilderness.

After the disappearance of Brian, the only official person of interest in the murder of Gabby Petito, Christopher and Roberta Laundrie, his parents, were questioned by the FBI, who also did a full search of their family home.

Reporters from all over the country are now in Florida, and CNN reports that a large van and boat were spotted in Carlton Reserve.

Gabby's family is now threatening to sue the family attorney of her missing fiancé, claiming that the lawyer is using Gabby's picture to promote his law practice.

"(The) Petito and Schmidt family demand that you cease and desist posting pictures of Gabby Petito to any and all of your social media pages, web pages or advertisements in an effort to gain business."

We will keep you posted since this is a developing story, and it won't end until Gabby Petito's murderer is found and jailed.