Undeniable Signs That He Likes You: How To Know He Is Totally Interested

Undeniable Signs That He Likes You: How To Know He Is Totally Interested

If you can't seem to figure out if a guy is into you or not, and you keep finding yourself going back and forth trying to find out the truth, here are some undeniable signs that he likes you. You see, once a guy likes you, he will be pretty open about it, but only if you are keen enough to see the signs.

Women are from Venus and men from Mars. The truth of this fact is evident in the way the two genders look for signs that their partners like them.

The signs men give are not necessarily the signs women look out for; and therein lies the problem.

Guys are not usually experts at communicating their intentions in words, which is what women expect.

So, here are some undeniable signs he likes you, whether he says it in words.

1. He Makes And Maintains Eye Contact

As far as attraction goes, eyes have a critical role. You can tell if someone likes you based on what their eyes say.

Therefore, prolonged eye contact, especially when accompanied by a smile, is a very good sign that the guy is into you.

However, eye contact might not always last long. For instance, he can look at you, but as soon as you lock sights, he might look down or break contact.

That can also indicate that he likes you.

Be watchful for when he keeps looking away while still talking at you, which shows he is not interested in the conversation.

2. Loving Your Company Is One Of The Most Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

A guy who likes you will always be close by if he can. When you turn around, he will be there, and where you sit down, he will get close by.

You will also see more of him in places you frequent, such as your favorite mall or movie theater.

Because he likes you, he doesn't mind using any of his energy to make sure he sees you. He might even attend your parties uninvited.

Obviously, sometimes you might keep running into each other if you share the same social circles. But if these coincidences seem a little too many, then know that he is subconsciously attempting to be where you are because he is interested in you.

3. He Wants You To Know He Is Thinking Of You

Although he might not tell you he is in love with you, he keeps reaching out to let you know you are on his mind.

When he sees or hears something you ever talked about, he wants to call and talk about it with you. The reason he keeps finding a reason to remind you he is thinking of you is that he likes you.

4. He Leans Towards You

When a guy likes you, you become his greatest fascination. Even when doing something else is more engaging, he will gravitate towards you with his face, chest, or body.

A guy who likes you will be constantly distracted by you, and it's most likely he will also direct his feet towards you.

If he wasn't interested, he would appear to lean away from you. So, when he does the complete opposite of that, then understand that you interest him.

5. He Can Tell Something Is Wrong Even Without You Mentioning It

Although you have not known each other for long or had deep heart-to-hearts, he can figure out several things about you.

When you are going through something, even if you don't mention it, he seems to know. He comes to your rescue even before you express the need for help.

6. You Can See His Pupils Dilate

In each of us, the pupils dilate when we see something we like. This happens involuntarily, and there's nothing we can do to avoid it.

A guy who likes will, therefore, experience pupil dilation when he looks at you. But you can only tell this when he is close enough.

However, don't expect to catch him doing this, because it can happen very fast.

7. He Sacrifices For You

When a guy likes you, he will go to a lot of lengths to make sure you know it. He will even drop everything to come and help you out, even if it's not an urgent issue.

That shows you mean a lot to him, and he wants you to have as easy a life as you can.

So, if he does something whenever you complain of something, then understand that the guy loves you. He will not even argue or try to persuade you otherwise but will try to do whatever makes you happy.

8. He Makes You A Priority

Every guy will be too busy for anyone who isn't a priority in their lives, even when he has nothing better to do. So, when a guy makes you a priority and even puts aside other commitments for your sake, then you couldn't hope for a clearer sign that he likes you.

In fact, this might be a sign that he is even falling for you. A guy who willfully makes compromises for your sake sees you as special.

9. He Leans Closer In When You Speak

A guy who likes you will lean in when you are speaking, and he does it subconsciously. In fact, we all do this without knowing it with those we like.

Beyond that, he might keep finding excuses to get closer to you when you have something to say. It does not matter if he could already hear you from where you were.

He will also keep on whispering into your ears because it's also an excuse to stay close to you. You might even find him asking you to repeat yourself many times because he wants to keep listening to you and have an excuse to get closer.

10. If He Tells Friends About You, Then The Guy Likes You

You might come to learn that his friends heard about you from him long before you ever met. That should not come as a surprise, especially if you have been suspicious that he's into you.

A man talks to his friends about the special girl in his life, and what she does and what makes her so special.

He does not do it to brag, but because he cannot help himself. He is just into you and can't keep you out of his mind or lips.

When you realize that his friends and family know about you, also know that he might be seeing a future for you and him. It's also a very good sign he is falling for you.

11. If He Keeps Staring At You, Then He Might Be Falling For You

Science has confirmed that people have a problem keeping their eyes off the things they like and find interesting. That is why being his eye candy is a clear indication that he likes you.

Be on the lookout for lingering stares, because guys stare longer at women they like than they do at other people. He keeps staring at you because you are interesting or because he likes you.

As you know, men are very visual, and they easily express their feelings with the looks they give the girls they love. As long as he is not some creep or stalker, then take the stares as a positive sign he likes you.

12. When He Treats You Differently, That's One Of The Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Did you notice that the guy gives you special treatment? It's because he likes you.

He will be the first to notice you have a new hairstyle or a new dress. Yes, even if you are with your girlfriends and they have made the same changes, he will single you out.

You will also find him keen to help, even with things you don't need help with. All he wants is to be more involved in your life.

Even if he is a tough guy, you will see him become especially soft and friendly for your sake. And if he is a nice guy who doesn't like to stand out, you will see him try to get you to notice him.

All he wants is for you to see how different he is to everyone else so you can give him your attention.

13. He Wants To Make You Happy

If a guy always wants to put a smile on your face, then he really likes you. When we like someone, we want them to be happy and will do everything in our power to make this happen.

Happiness is usually an important goal in any healthy relationship. So, when a man is making a lot of effort to make you happy, then know that he is really into you.

If this goes farther and you notice that he also feels down when you are down, then he might have fallen for you.

14. Mirroring You

Does he laugh when you laugh, cross his legs when you do, or yawn when you yawn? That's called mirroring, and it's usually done by guys who like you.

He does this subconsciously, and it shows he likes you. He might even adjust his voice to match your tone and mirror many of your gestures subconsciously to build a connection and trust.

15. Giving You Thoughtful Gifts Is A Sign The Guy Likes You

He might not be the best at gifting, but when he does, you can tell he attempted to give you the best gift he could think of. This goes to show that he pays attention and listens to the words you tell him when you talk.

That is why he can give you surprising gifts that you might not even have known you needed.

16. He Cares About Your Day

When most people ask about your day, they don't truly care about how it went. It's merely a figure of speech.

But a guy who asks about your day and then listens to what you have to say likes you and has feelings for you. In fact, he will try to get as many details as you can offer because he also loves talking to you.

This also shows that he wishes on some level that he was part of it. This is why he wants to talk about everything that's going on in your life.

17. He Can't Stop Smiling At You

While a smile can mean a lot of things, it can sometimes be an undeniable sign that a guy likes you. You will know this when you see the guy give you lingering smiles regularly.

In fact, his smile will look different, sort of like he is amused by you. He will also look a bit shy, and like he can't control himself.

In short, he will be a smile of genuine happiness, not politeness. So, the guy who can't seem to stop smiling around you is into you.

18. He Puts Away His Phone

People are so addicted to their phones nowadays. They can hardly put these devices down, and it's totally crazy.

Therefore, it's a very powerful sign that a guy likes you when he puts away his phone the moment you show up. He wants you to have his undivided attention, and for the time you are around, he couldn't care less what's going on with the rest of the world.

Also, he might not keep away his phone completely, in which case his tendency to spend less time on his phone would also be a sign that he likes you. If his phone is no competition for you when you need his attention, then be assured that guy likes you.

19. The "Eyebrow Flash" Shows The Guy Likes You

In case you are not familiar with the term "eyebrow flash," it's a very subtle and subconscious sign that a guy is into you. This term refers to a scenario where a guy quickly raises and lowers his eyebrows when he sees you.

That undeniably shows the guy likes you. Raising his eyebrow shows how much he is interested in you.

However, you can easily miss this sign because everything happens so fast. So, don't count on noticing this sign.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other signs you can look out for to determine if the guy is into you or not.

20. Being Touchy Is One Of The Most Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Men love in a very physical way, which explains why they are so visually stimulated. When a man likes you and knows he can touch you, he will not be able to contain himself.

He will keep finding a reason to touch you. You will be touched accidentally, subtly, and in every kind of way.

While some of this touching may be on purpose, a lot of it will also happen subconsciously.

Also, note that he might touch you to determine if you like him. Obviously, if you like him as much as he likes you, then odds are that you will respond positively to his touch.

The way guys show they like a girl differs greatly from the way girls express their love. A guy might like you without you knowing it, but with these undeniable signs that he likes you, I don't think you will have to make guesses about this anymore.