Unconventional And Sometimes Scary Ways Men Find Wives For Themselves These Days

In the modern world, people have many different ways to find love and companionship. However, not all methods are conventional, and some can even be considered frightening. This article will explore some of the unconventional and sometimes scary ways men find wives for themselves today, including the use of "mail order bride" sites.

Mail Order Bride

One unconventional method of finding a wife is through "mail order bride" sites. These sites are essentially online catalogs of women who are seeking to marry a foreign man, typically from a more developed country. The men who use these sites often pay a fee to access the profiles and photos of the women and to communicate with them. The idea is that the man and the woman will get to know each other through letters or online chats and eventually decide to get married.

While the concept of a "mail order bride" may seem outdated, these sites are still popular today, especially among men who are seeking a wife from another country. Some men use these sites because they are looking for a woman who shares their values and interests, while others are simply seeking a more traditional, conservative partner. Now there are some shady options out there, but actual legally approved sites exist as well. If you follow here you'll see a list of them that are under total regulation.


- Convenient: The "mail order bride" sites are incredibly convenient for men who are seeking a wife from another country. They can browse the profiles of hundreds of women from the comfort of their own home, without having to travel to another country.

- Ease of communication: The sites make communication between men and women easy and accessible. Men can communicate with multiple women at once, which helps them find the best match for them.

- Increased chances of success: Because the men and women who use these sites are looking for a serious relationship, the chances of success in finding a compatible partner are higher than with other dating methods.


- Stereotypes: The concept of a "mail order bride" is often associated with negative stereotypes, such as women who are desperate or looking to escape poverty or abuse. These stereotypes are not always accurate and can lead to negative perceptions of the women involved.

- Potential for exploitation: Some "mail order bride" sites have been known to exploit both the men and women involved. Women may be coerced or even forced into marriage, while men may be taken advantage of financially.

- Lack of emotional connection: Because the communication between the men and women on these sites is often limited, it can be difficult to build a strong emotional connection. This can make it difficult for the relationship to thrive once the couple is actually together.

Sugar Daddies

Another unconventional and often scary way men find wives is through "sugar daddy" websites. These sites connect men who are willing to pay for companionship with women who are looking for financial support. While the women on these sites are technically not "wives," the relationships that develop can often be just as serious as those formed through traditional means.


- Financial stability: For women who are looking for financial stability, these relationships can provide a sense of security. The men on these sites are often wealthy and willing to provide financial support, which can help the women involved feel more secure.

- Independence: Women who participate in these relationships often have more independence than those in traditional marriages, as they are not expected to take on a traditional role as a wife.


- Exploitation: The relationships formed through "sugar daddy" sites can often be exploitative, with men taking advantage of the women involved. Women may feel pressured to engage in sexual relationships they do not want, or they may feel like they are being used for their bodies.

- Lack of emotional connection: Like with "mail order bride" sites, the relationships formed through "sugar daddy" sites often lack an emotional connection. This can make it difficult for the couple to develop a true bond, which can be especially problematic if the relationship is intended to be long-term.

Bride Kidnapping

Lastly, another unconventional and often scary way men find wives is through "bride kidnapping." This is a practice that still occurs in some cultures, where a man will kidnap a woman and force her to marry him. This practice is often considered abusive and can lead to serious harm for the woman involved.




- Abusive: "Bride kidnapping" is considered a form of abuse and can lead to serious harm for the woman involved. Women may be physically, emotionally, or sexually abused as a result of the kidnapping.

- Forced marriage: The women involved in "bride kidnapping" are often forced into marriage against their will, which can have serious consequences for their mental and emotional well-being.

- Lack of legal protection: In many cases, the women involved in "bride kidnapping" do not have access to legal protection or support, which can make it difficult for them to escape the abusive relationship.


In conclusion, the ways in which men find wives for themselves today can be unconventional and sometimes scary. While "mail order bride" sites and "sugar daddy" websites may provide a way for men and women to find each other, they can also be associated with exploitation and abuse. "Bride kidnapping" is a practice that is considered abusive and can lead to serious harm for the women involved. It is important for people to be aware of these unconventional and potentially dangerous methods of finding a partner, and to prioritize their own safety and well-being in all relationships.