Unbelievable Transformation: Woman Converts Boeing 727 Into Dream Home


With the rising cost of real estate, it's no surprise that people are seeking sustainable and unique living options. The trend of converting tiny homes, buses, and shipping containers into homes has gained popularity. These alternative housing options offer lower costs and can be customized just like traditional homes. Jo Ann Ussery, an early adopter of this trend, created her own home several years before it became trendy by purchasing and transforming an old Boeing 727 into a luxurious living space.

Unusual Homes- The Boeing 727

The story of this converted Boeing 727 home began three decades ago when Ussery's house in Benoit, Mississippi was destroyed. As a single mother with limited resources, she needed to find an affordable place to live. Initially considering a trailer, she realized it wouldn't be spacious enough for her and her children. That's when her brother-in-law, Bob, an air traffic controller, suggested living in a plane.

Despite her initial hesitation, Ussery's desperate need for a home led her to explore the retired Boeing 727, which was destined for the scrap yard. Instantly falling in love with it, she purchased the plane for only $2,000 plus the shipping cost to her property. She named it the "Little Trump" as a nod to the former President's private jet.

The renovation process of the plane was neither cheap nor easy. Ussery spent nearly $30,000 on the project. It was a time-consuming endeavor as she had to work on both the interior design and ensure the plane remained stable in its new position. Fortunately, her property had a natural lake, allowing her to hang the plane with its nose overlooking the water. Proper anchoring with concrete secured the tail in place.

This Woman Converted A Plane Into Her Home, Which She Lived In

With the larger modifications completed, Ussery turned her attention to the interior. The Boeing 727 provided her with over 1,500 square feet of living space. Although she couldn't open the windows due to their commercial aircraft design, she installed air conditioning. She also added flooring, insulation, and kept the original airplane bathroom and overhead bins.

Once the major modifications were done, Ussery incorporated new details and luxuries. The renovated Boeing 727 now features three bedrooms, a small bathroom, a full kitchen, a living space, and a dedicated laundry room. Ussery even transformed the cockpit overlooking the lake into a master bathroom with a luxurious hot tub.

The design of the Boeing 727 gives the impression of still being airborne. Ussery tackled most of the renovations herself and lived in the plane from 1995 to 1999 before showcasing it to the public. Unfortunately, during a move, the plane collapsed and was irreparably damaged.