Ultra-Violent Nazi-Killing Action Movie From The Studio Behind John Wick Praised By Viewers


Lately, we've seen a fresh resurgence in high-caliber action films making a comeback.

From the ongoing sagas of Mission Impossible and the James Bond series to fresh creations like Atomic Blonde and Bullet Train, audiences have been treated to a plethora of both critically acclaimed and financially triumphant cinematic hits.

Yet, arguably the action movie that has left the most significant mark on the past decade is the John Wick franchise – earning acclaim for its sleek and realistic action scenes.

Therefore, when the production company responsible for the Keanu Reeves-fronted series unveils a fresh action flick, you can rest assured it's bound to be a surefire success.

Check out the trailer for this intense action film below…

Sisu traces the journey of an elderly hermit named Aatami (Jorma Tommila) in Finland's waning days of World War II, as he embarks on a 500-mile trek to secure a cache of gold.

However, his quest for wealth hits a snag when a group of Nazis absconds with his fortune. Little did they realize, they've crossed paths with the wrong prospector, as Aatami happens to be a former commando.

And so, he sets out on a brutal journey of vengeance, determined to reclaim the gold using whatever violent methods prove necessary.

If this sounds like the kind of movie you're into, you can catch it now on Amazon Prime for $15.99.

The film hit theaters in 2023 and raked in a cool $13 million at the box office, all while working with a budget of just $6 million.

While it might not have been a blockbuster at the box office, it did manage to snag an impressive 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, indicating that critics were definitely smitten with it.

"Sisu" also had a major triumph at Catalonia's Sitges International Film Festival, scooping up top honors for Best Film, Best Music, Best Cinematography, and even securing the Best Actor award for Tommila.

Folks who've already caught the movie are singing the praises of "Sisu" on social media platforms.

One viewer says: "Best movie I've seen in a long time… a must-watch."

"[Sisu is] a more important WWII film than Oppenheimer," insists someone else.

"The film Sisu is incredible man, really good watch," writes a third.

Another viewer comments: "So Sisu was a good film, with some great cinematography and some crazy scenes, very Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez-esque."

Meanwhile, there's even an individual who's spun their own theory about how "Sisu" and John Wick might potentially intertwine.

They speculate: "Great movie and very entertaining.

"If they don't tie this in to be a prequel/origin story for John Wick's family then they are missing out for sure! Lionsgate should make Sisu the grandfather and how John's family found their way into the hitman/revenge universe."