Ultra-Gory Halloween Front Yard Display Is So Disturbing Neighbours Keep Dialing 911


An artist in Dallas, Texas, is making the most of Halloween. Steven Novak has taken it upon himself to really go all out with his Halloween decorations.

He's done such a good job that his neighbors have called 911 more than once. It's clear he wouldn't let the Coronavirus ruin his fun this year.

Steven has turned his front yard into something that seems like it came straight out of a horror film.

Talk about being dead serious about keeping decorations realistic! The standard fake skeleton and jack-o-lantern just weren't good enough for Steven.

ultra-gory halloween front yard display is so disturbing neighbors keep dialing 911

Scared Neighbours

The undeniably disturbing scene is so convincing that neighbors are constantly calling 911 with worry and concern.

Fortunately, the local law enjoys Steven's 'art' and decided not to give him any trouble for it. They have not yet asked him to take it down.

According to the Dallas Observer, the cheerful artist was informed by his neighbors that the cops were at his place many times throughout the day.

While he was home, he had to answer the police twice after nervous calls.

When asked if the decorations were his, Steven simply said, yeah, the blood and bodies are his.


The officers told him they thought what he did was cool. The only reason they bothered to show up at his house was that their Sargeant complained, and they were required to act.

ultra-gory halloween front yard display is so disturbing neighbors keep dialing 911

Steven's Inspiration

The artist's graphic scenes are inspired by his habit of always going beyond expectations with everything he takes on.

Generally, he would put up huge snowmen or flying ghosts. This year though, he wanted a more realistic Halloween decoration.


He used dummies and about 20 gallons of blood all over his porch and grass. The aim was to really freak people out, and it worked!

One of the scenes that many say is the best is a dummy that is lying on the steps of Steven's porch. A massive safe has completely smashed its head.

ultra-gory halloween front yard display is so disturbing neighbors keep dialing 911

Another really exceptional display is the dummy on the roof with an ax that is sticking out of its back.

Then there's the blood splatter that is done really well and looks alarmingly real. Steven really focused on every little detail to get the scene just right for Halloween.

Actually, all of the dummies and their scenes are fantastic and would leave kids screaming with delight.

ultra-gory halloween front yard display is so disturbing neighbors keep dialing 911
Disgustingly awesome decoration

As if that's not enough, people have spotted a hoard of zombies in Steven's window. It seems like they are just waiting to start a 2020 zombie apocalypse.

He has a great sense of humor as well - when a child asked him what happened to the 'men' on his lawn, he said they had too many Skittles.

While his neighbors may not be as impressed with the attention to detail and realistic color of the blood, Steven's Halloween decorations certainly stand out for lovers of this spooky day.

And if the neighbors thought the dummies would be cleaned up in November and that would be the end of it, they're going to be disappointed.

Steven is convinced he could have done more and is already looking forward to what he could achieve next Halloween.